Delyan Peevski’s name “leaked” to oligarchic websites alongside water crisis

Delyan Peevski

The theme of water crisis in Pernik has leaked to the oligarchs’ websites albeit seen from a weird perspective – contrary to any reason and completely out of line these websites quote the name of lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. The so-called “media” servicing the oligarchs’ interests follow this tradition with enviable tenacity. Because the assignment sent down to them by their publishers is to pin the name of Peevski on any resonant theme.

The offensive was launched already on Christmas Eve when the informer of the communist-era secret services Ognyan Stefanov, also known by his codename agent Academician, released his next in raw fake targeting the lawmaker headlined “Lawyer: Water for Pernik redirected to Stomana-Pernik and then to the hydropower plant of MRF-Peevski”. The very headline of this article contains so many lies that they practically outnumber the words in it.

Such string of lies used for generating fake news not grounded in fact or evidence is nothing new for the oligarchic Fake News Factory. For years they have been finding anonymous authors who circulate their lies in social networks and then the media sustained by them copy-paste the fakes on loop referring to either the “informed sources” or “media publications”. And so the wheels of lie turn with the sole purpose – to cast slur on Peevski. 

It is another point that a simple checkout in state registers would show that the lawmaker doesn’t own a hydropower plant and all firms affiliated with him are declared as assets and their ownership is public. However, such facts mean nothing to the oligarchs who pay generously to ensure that the libel machine keeps running every day.

Pseudo journalist Samuil Petkanov also contributed to the attack on Peevski. The author’s word stock is poor and boring but on the other hand he is quite prolific. In something like a website called NoNews he posted a humorous text in which he quotes this thesis specifying though that this is only fiction. Nevertheless the same article, now without a trace of humour, was reprinted by Dnevnik, another publication pretending to be a “media outlet” and sustained by indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev. From Dnevnik it spilt over to social networks and flooded them but without any note that it was a classic fake news.

The mustachioed fraudster Tsvetan Vassilev, who for years now has been hiding from the Bulgarian justice system abroad, pays ample sums stolen from the depositors of CorpBank to his favourite “press centre”. To pay back Frognews works without letup organising smearing campaigns against No.1 Enemy of the behind-the-scenes circles in Bulgaria, the MP of the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski.

The ultimate goal is clear – in the eyes of the community Peevski must be painted blacker than the devil in order to muffle Monitor and Telegraph, the publications which for years have been exposing the shady affairs of the indicted oligarchs, such as Tsvetan Vassilev, Ivo Prokopiev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev brought up under the wing of the State Security and their mentor Ivan Kostov. Apart from slandering Peevski their aim is to discredit his legislative initiatives which forestall the attempts at machinations at the expense of the Bulgarian citizens.

And the servants of the indicted oligarchs do not spare time nor money and don’t have any qualms about generating fake news targeting Peevski on a daily basis.

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