Delyan Peevski puts the backstage clique on edge

His candidature for MEP has stirred the bog’s murky waters

Delyan Peevski

For several days now the bog of the behind-the-scenes clique has been seized by panic. The sworn enemy of the oligarchs and their servitorial staff, the MP of the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski has garnered the larger part of the nominations from the party structures and is already a part of the candidates’ list for MEPs from the Movement. This news has virtually made the bog’s inhabitants go around in a circle trying to find ways to cast slur on Peevski.

The reason is clear – they are afraid that very soon in Brussels people will understand how the mafia-style privatization in Bulgaria was carried out during the ‘reign’ of Ivan Kostov and how his offspring, oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev and Tsvetan Vassilev, were presented with the key enterprises and even a bank on a silver platter without thinking of the origin of the first one or about the hundredth million. Simply because those were literally pushed to their pockets by Kostov and after that they themselves managed to reach into the pockets of all of us, be it via the schemes that inflated our electricity bills or via criminal draining of savings of CorpBank’s depositors.

And hence all these crimes have been exposed not once or twice by Peevski and the media he is the publisher of, the oligarchs see the chance that he may go to Brussels as a death penalty for their shady affairs. That is why they contracted all known and unknown pen pushers to release fakes in the internet spread via their Fake News Factory.          

Thus, for instance, the private press center of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, Frognews, for several days running has been spewing all kinds of lies about Peevski to meet their quota of lies which as the day progresses are losing veracity and even logic. In a satirical style (which the toadies are still learning and so it does not sound either funny or incriminatory – Author’s note) and under a penname they release a material quoting 15 different reasons why it would be good if Peevski goes to Brussels, as the author makes various strange diversions from his thought touching upon the ApartmentGate and finishing with the Notre Dame fire. Actually the only thing that Frognews is absolutely right about, despite the fact that they are trying to pass it off as parody, is that Peevski can crush corruption in the EU. Simply because in Bulgaria he proved that his legislative initiatives can bring to light the shady deals of the oligarchy and to curb their attempts at stealing again from the state and its citizens.

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