Delyan Peevski: Bulgarian Madoff’s “fighters” launch fake news attack against the lawmaker

They dust off an old Bivol website interview to manufacture “news”

Delyan Peevski

The fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev once again pulled the strings of his puppets of the Boets (translated as fighter) search and attack unit. Not long after the financial fraudster complained that someone was trying to shut him up and vowed that he and his family would speak “the truth first-hand” on Twitter, the non-governmental organisation serving the Bulgarian Madoff set the fake news assembly line going.

As they could not immediately find anything to use in defaming the name of their sworn enemy Delyan Peevski, the people in Boets revived a “news item” from three years ago, reminding how the infamous investigator Boyko Atanasov supposedly revealed in an interview for the website Bivol the existence of “search and attacks units” in the Prosecutor’s Office. To make sure that even the most intellectually challenged of Vassilev’s trolls, terrorising the internet under nicknames such as “ad hoc” (meaning “made ot happening for a particularpurpose”), know what they are supposed to comment, Boets wrote a concise and extremely incompetent cliff-notes version of the interview. Unedited, it reads like this: “The search and attack units are under the directly command of Tsatsarov and Peevski and perform special tasks to assist in concealing the crimes of their bosses, striking agreements that suit the mafia, and oppressing people that are deemed inconvenient.”

The low IQ of the trolls apparently requires them to be instructed properly so that they can understand what is expected of them. This is why the attempt to update the interview with the investigator in question ends with “We keep going!” To the unbiased reader, who is not versed in the psyche of the trolls, this call for the Bulgarian Madoff’s “fighters” to keep going is surely mystifying – keep going with what? The answer is that they will continue with the lies, the half-literate scribbles and the infantile attempts to present themselves as voices of the public opinion. The insinuations regarding Peevski are worthy of nothing more than pity so Tsvetan Vassilev’s NGO is wasting its time rummaging through the archive and reviving sorry excuses for interviews with attempts to tell “truths” that serve the interests of the fugitive banker. And this was not “first-hand”, as Vassilev promised, because it has not been addressed as a subject on Twitter.

As we have noted numerous times before, the tactic of the Bulgarian Madoff’s puppets is to create fake news against Peevski out of every piece of information released publicly. What is notable is the efficient cooperation between Tsvetan Vassilev’s “fighters” and the mercantile “journalists” of Bivol and the way the two teams throw alley-oops for each other. The owner of the website, from where the interview was unearthed and dusted off, gets the rare chance to increase his corrupt media outlet’s number of visitors. The NGO’s chairperson can show the fugitive banker that he has done some work so as not to get scolded for sitting idly at the next choir rehearsal in Belgrade

Boets does everything in its power to fabricate news against lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski, even where such news does not exist. Not long ago, for example, it bombarded the National Service for Protection (NSP) with absurd questions just so it can spread in the internet a fake news item about Peevski, who is enemy №1 of the NGO’s mentor Tsvetan Vassilev. Georgi Georgiev, the organisation’s chairman and a person in the fugitive banker’s confidence, asked the NSP whether its agents check the food of the people they protect. The name of Peevski was casually thrown in, as dictates this classical scheme for disinformation. The goal is clear – to justify the fees received from the Bulgarian Madoff. Georgiev often visits the fugitive banker in his hiding place in Belgrade. This fact is something that the head of Boets does not bother to hide – on the contrary, he boasts about it by posting photos on Facebook. One of the snapshots shows that the fraudster Vassilev sometimes drinks his coffee with water.

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