Decision on clock change to be postponed

Member States began discussions last Monday to assess whether and when to scrap the twice-yearly clock change, amid doubts that it would not happen in 2019 as proposed by the Commission. Last month, a plan to stop changing Europe's clocks next year was announced, after millions of people responded to a survey by calling for the decades-old practice to end.

But according to Austrian Transport Minister Norbert Hofer, whose country holds the six-month rotating EU presidency, 2019 was too soon for most. “We will need to find a compromise as some countries, actually most, have reservations about changing the system in 2019,” he said before a meeting of fellow ministers in Graz, Austria.

Many countries had referred to an array of technical issues to solve, adding that the airline industry for one had said it needed 18 months to prepare, he said. Monday's meeting was a first informal discussion with no decision due, while the next one is scheduled for 3 December.

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