Date for vote on Theresa May's deal confirmed

Yet, the Parliament is highly expected to reject the proposal, despite new assurances

Photo: EPA British Prime Minister Theresa May

MPs will vote on Theresa May's Brexit deal on Tuesday, 15 January, government sources claim. The announcement comes after the British leader said on Sunday that since the vote was pulled at the last minute in December, she's been consulting with EU leaders and British colleagues to get new assurances in three key areas, the details of which will be laid out in the coming days. Those three areas include specific measures for Northern Ireland, a greater role for parliament in negotiations on the next stage of future UK-EU relations, and further assurances from the EU to address concerns over the Irish backstop.

Meanwhile, the news also comes at a moment when more than 200 MPs have signed a letter to Theresa May, urging her to rule out a no-deal Brexit.

The PM's deal - which covers the terms of the UK's divorce and the framework of future relations with the EU - has already been agreed with EU leaders. But it still needs to pass a vote by MPs before it is accepted. Yet, the Commons vote was called off last month by May, who was facing defeat since her proposal is opposed not only by opposition parties including the Remain-supporting Liberal Democrats, but also by many of her own MPs, as well as Labour.

The UK is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019 whether the deal is passed by MPs or not. Nevertheless, a new poll shows a majority of Britons would vote to remain in the bloc if there was a second referendum. According to the new YouGov survey, if a second referendum were held now, 54 percent of British citizens would be in favor of remaining in the European Union. The poll also found 41 percent thought the final decision about Brexit should be made by a new public vote rather than leaving it in lawmakers' hands.

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