Confiscation of BGN 13m from arms dealer Gebrev demanded (SUMMARY)

ACCIAF has filed a claim with the Sofia City Court

The Anti-Corruption Commission for Illegal Assets Forfeiture (ACCIAF) has filed a claim with the Sofia City Court for a forfeiture of property and money to a total worth of BGN 13m from the owner of EMKO Company Emilian Gebrev and his son Hristo who are close to Tsvetan Vassilev. The Commission reported this fact and the information was confirmed by the Court. The claim was submitted to the Court on 10 May and civil action has been launched on it.

The audit of Gebrev’s and his son’s assets was started after the two of them were indicted on charges of setting up an organised criminal syndicate involved in money laundering. Lazar Karadaliev, the defence lawyer of Tsvetan Vassilev, ex-banker indicted for the collapse of CorpBank, and another confidante of the fugitive banker, former director of Dunarit Krastyo Krastev are also part of this criminal syndicate. Gebrev faces charges for money laundering after the purchase of the arms plant in Ruse, as, according to the investigating officers, the businessman knew that Vassilev purchased the enterprise with tainted money. Regardless of this fact, the ACCIAF reports that the stocks of Dunarit and EMKO are not among the distressed assets, which the Commission currently wants to forfeit.

Nevertheless, the stock of Dunarit was arrested by the ACCIAF several years ago, but this was due to a claim for BGN 2,2bn against Tsvetan Vassilev. Then, at the insistence of the Commission, distress was levied on the stock of the current majority owner of Dunarit, namely Kemira, as the proceedings are underway for their forfeiture in favour of the State because the stock was purchased with the money of CorpBank. To circumvent this distrain Gebrev attempted to lay hands on the defence plant through increasing its capital.

However, at the ACCIAF they are adamant that the “deals concluded with arrested stocks of Dunarit are aimed at forestalling their possible forfeiture in favour of the State. The CorpBank bankruptcy administrators share this opinion and think that the requested by EMKO permit for equity concentration via the acquisition of Dunarit’s capital in all probability is an unlawful and coordinated action of natural persons and companies aimed at depriving CorpBank of a chance to draw in the insolvency mass the receivables from Dunarit, its majority owner Kemira and mother company Hedge Investment Bulgaria.

Gebrev himself for years has been trying to virtually steal the Ruse defence plant employing different schemes working to his interests and those of his partner Tsvetan Vassilev. Namely the fugitive banker is the mastermind of all schemes employed by the owner of EMKO who, in his turn, for a long time has been making generous financial injections to Vassilev, syphoning off the enterprise.

Although de jure he has no rights over Dunarit through the board appointed by him personally Gebrev has been draining the company for two years now. Until recently he allotted hefty funds for fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev and his patrons in Russia, oligarch Konstantin Malofeev and his entourage. Owing to exactly these ties the owner of EMKO was charged with money laundering along with several other pawns of Vassilev.   

Thanks to the money stolen from the defence plant Vassilev for years has been able to live lavishly in Belgrade and to pay fees to lawyers, journalists on call and spokespersons who guard him against the retribution for his crimes. The indicted publisher Ivo Prokopiev lends him a friendly shoulder in that.

Fake News Factory works at full capacity spewing lies against Peevski

As soon as the news leaked to the media space, the Fake News Factory of the indicted oligarchs resorted to their usual strategy – to blur the information launching an attack at somebody else. In this case the attack was aimed against the sworn enemy of the backstage power brokers, such as Tsvetan Vassilev and Ivo Prokopiev, namely MP of the opposition Movement for Right and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski.

To this end, the media manipulations machines – Club Z (of the indicted oligarch Ognyan Donev), Mediapool (of Ivan Kostov’s spokesperson Stoyana Georgieva) and Sega newspaper (of natural gas baron Sasho Donchev) have immediately added to their articles concerning the filed claim their hackneyed lie that Peevski wanted to seize Dunarit. This insinuation has been disproved countless times, including by Peevski himself, who declared that he has never wanted to have anything in common with defence companies and will never have.

Instead of explaining to the public how Gebrev and Vassilev laid their hands on the defence plant and are using it as a piggy bank the paid pen pushers of the oligarchy focused their attention on offshore company Viafot (allegedly controlled by Peevski) in a bid to conceal the truth – that the only loans of Dunarit to CorpBank were repaid exactly by this company.

What truth is being hushed up? In total the debt of Dunarit and the group of companies associated with it to the bank which went bankrupt thanks to Vassilev amount to BGN 200m. Out of this sum BGN 150m are pending for payment. Only BGN 50m are replayed owing to the receivables which Viafot transferred to other company that in turn transferred them to CorpBank as early as in summer 2017. This clearly shows that Viafot no longer has anything to do with the case of Dunarit’s receivables. 

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