Capital quotes its own lies

Capital Weekly, the flagship of the Fake News Factory coordinated by the oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, has produced yet another manipulation targeting our publisher Delyan Peevski. This time, it insinuates that Peevski wants to control phone tapping, a presumption solely based on the allegation that “Ilko Zhelyazkov, a person close to the MP” is among the candidates for a seat in the Special Intelligence Means Bureau. This fable might be new, but the fake news recipe it follows is old.

The assortment of websites owned by the oligarchy produces fabrications cast in the same mould, i.e. without any sources or evidence, and whenever it becomes convenient, a pseudo-serious publication like Capital cites them, writing “according to media publications”. The same approach is applied to the completely made-up connection between Ilko Zhelyazkov and Delyan Peevski. The very first article on this particular talking point came from Capital and its case stood on “according to rumours”. This was at the beginning of last year. Since then, the oligarchy's satellite websites Frognews and Mediapool have been diligently dedicating pieces to that talking point, having nothing but rumours to go on. Finally, when the time came to create a fake news item for a particular occasion, Capital presented recently the fabricated connection, writing that “it was all over the media”. The trouble is that all these articles in question appeared on the internet thanks to websites serving the Fake News Factory.

The torrent of fake news did not spare the family of our publisher either. Miroslav Ivanov, a personal footboy of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, authored the latest manipulation targeting Irena Krasteva, the mother of Delyan Peevski. Ivanov called for an inspection of Ms Krasteva to be launched, obviously counting on the general public's notoriously short memory. The reason why we say this is because back in 2015 Irena Krasteva provided a statement from the Central Credit Register in an open letter to the media. The document showed that neither she nor the companies she was managing had any outstanding debt owed to CorpBank, and that all previous loans had been repaid in full without the involvement of set-offs and/or other financial instruments.

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