Capital circle’s tactic: Attack Peevski with clichés

It alternates between phrases like “affiliated with” and “man of”

Delyan Peevski

The talking points spread by indicted businessman and publisher Ivo Prokopiev are ironclad and impossible to escape from, especially when they take aim at the main enemy of the oligarchs in Bulgaria – Delyan Peevski. This has been proven yet again by the latest articles in Prokopiev’s publications, later cited by the entire pack of websites of the so-called Capital circle, which also includes other media outlets owned by indicted oligarchs.

The journalists of the website Dnevnik and the weekly newspaper Capital, all of them led by Prokopiev, obediently follow his instructions (that he, as it was revealed years ago, gives even in writing at times) to attach the name of lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski to their texts every chance they get. Whether the MP has any relation to the particular topic or not is irrelevant. Such relevance is not even advisable, considering the way these articles are written. It is enough for their content to feature one of the two clichés used on alternate basis – “affiliated with” or “man of”. These hackneyed phrases are universal and employed at any opportunity. In this latest case, Capital serves as the launch vehicle for spreading the lie about a connection between Peevski and a long-time head of the football club Botev Plovdiv, who is alleged to be the intermediator supposedly trying to help the lawmaker acquire the sea resort Sunny Day. At the same time, the formal occasion for the article is the sale of a winter resort hotel, which makes the “connection” even more unclear. Perhaps this is why the authors of the fake news started their story from Borovets – so that they can spin the theory about buying the “golden hole” plot in Varna with public budget funds. Thus, they both carry out the instruction to attack Peevski in all ways possible and fill the article with “details” to stretch its volume, at the same time. But that effort is tantamount to trying to inflate a bubble that has numerous holes punched in it. What remains a question mark is whether the authors are simply incompetent or purposefully deceiving the audience.

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