Bulgarian sculptor Pavel Koychev with a new challenge

Every exhibition by the world-renowned Bulgarian artist Pavel Koychev is newsworthy and a much-anticipated event for his fans. The sculptor is known for selecting surprising outdoor sites for displaying his works.

Some 10 years ago, his work Water Grazing - a frivolous shepherd and his herd - suddenly turned up in the river near the village of Osikovitsa. The Construction - a clay house - was Koychev's debut at that same area, while in 2016 the sculptor transported his pieces from the workshop to the meadows of the village for his largest outdoor exhibition.

With his latest project, The Garden in the Grass, presented at the Rayko Aleksiev Art Gallery (12-23 March) in Sofia, Pavel Koychev challenges himself with the imposing dimensions of the sculptures in his compositions. The sculptor forays into the biblical theme of temptation and interprets the act of tasting the apple from the tree of knowledge as the first step away from the human's earth-connected nature. Where is humankind headed to and what will people be like when they abandon the Earth's pastures and set off to other real worlds - Pavel Koychev seeks the answer to this question in human growth, spiritual power and knowledge.

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