Bulgarian Madoff’s mouthpieces concoct classic fake news about Peevski

Agent Academician and Agent Ana Hranova team up for a holiday special

Vera Ahundova

We, the Citizens, the NGO doing fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev’s bidding, has concocted a classical fake news item in relation to the amendments to the Anti-Corruption Act. The negligible website Frognews, which takes its orders from the Bulgarian Madoff, is the one that provided platform for the disinformation, in which the name of MRF lawmaker and our publisher Delyan Peevski is thrown with the sole purpose of indexing it for future Google searches. The website is owned by Ognyan Stefanov, also known as former Agent Academician of the State Security.

The pamphlet cites as source Daniel Bozhilov of We, the Citizens, an NGO servicing the fugitive banker’s interests and whose co-chairperson is the former State Security operative Vera Ahundova, who worked under the alias Ana Hranova. And so, the former agents hopped on the magical sleigh for a holiday ride bound to take them to their benefactor hiding in Belgrade. Our publisher has been targeted yet again, with no concrete reason and just for the sake of mentioning his name, because of one thing and one thing only. True to the principle that the best conditions for fishing is murky waters (in this case, legislatively speaking), the Bulgarian Madoff and his cohort were obviously irked by the clear and firm stance of our media group, which cautioned that the proposed new ACCIAF powers could turn the anti-corruption commission into a Lenin-style secret-police Cheka. Such risk carried certain changes sneaked alongside other amendments that were proposed by lawmakers in a bid to clean up the mess created by the Supreme Court of Cassation’s recent interpretive ruling. And while the emergency changes served to essentially save the ACCIAF from seeing its work blocked, which was precisely the goal of the SCC chairperson Lozan Panov, the other amendments gave the Commission powers bordering on extraordinary.

In a joint editorial material, the newspapers Telegraph and Monitor warned that such a development could lead to catastrophic consequences. It was after our appeal that the parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs withdrew the dreaded amendments in order to put them to public discussion. Yet, without basing its claims on real facts, Daniel Bozhilov, a lawyer representing Agent Hranova’s NGO, verbosely told Frognews about some “secret coalition”, supposedly including Daniel Kirilov of GERB and MRF lawmakers Delyan Peevski and Hamid Hamid. Without any trace of specific evidence, he concludes that the actions of Kirilov and Hamid constitute “abuse of legislative initiative”. Bozhilov also predicts legal chaos and courts backed up because of rehearing of already solved cases and shows off clairvoyant skills by saying that this will be the case with decisions that are not to the liking of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and MP Delyan Peevski. But the pamphlet clearly shows that the SCC’s interpretive ruling, made in service of the oligarchs and their illegally acquired assets, is welcomed by the NGO of the Bulgarian Madoff.


Vera Ahundova exposed eight times as agent


Vera Ahundova, who is in the avant-garde of the Bulgarian Madoff’s public defenders, is amongst record-holders when it comes to disclosures by the Secret Files Committee. She has been exposed eight times as Agent Ana Hranova of the Sixth Directorate (the communist regime’s political police). The first time was while she was head of department in the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism. The remaining seven times are even more interesting because they show that Ahundova was a proven credit millionaire in her capacity as member of the Board of Directors of the failed oil refinery Plama in the city of Pleven. The infamous lady defrauded a whopping seven lenders – BalkanBank, MineralBank, UBB with four credits, CCB, Biochim, Expressbank, and Elitbank. The combined principal on these loans is tens of millions of levs (before the redenomination of the Bulgarian currency), not counting interests, documentation accompanying the Secret Files Committee’s decisions reveals. The registration forms show that Ahundova was recruited by the State Security under her maiden name Vera Hristova Hristova and was a very valuable agent in the combat against ideological diversionism and actions intended to subvert the totalitarian regime.   

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