Bulgarian Ilhan Kyuchyuk is new EP rapporteur on North Macedonia

The EP Committee on Foreign Affairs decided that Ilhan Kyuchyuk, Bulgarian MEP of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms representing the Renew Europe party, will be the rapporteur for EP in the coming five years on North Macedonia.

Kyuchyuk, who for years has been working towards the EU enlargement and the accession of the Western Balkans, is the first Bulgarian politician in the EP who will become the standing rapporteur of the country for the entire region. “Despite the fact that for the third time over the span of the recent 16 months the European Council has failed to reach consensus over the start of the accession negotiations, North Macedonia has repeatedly proven that the country is part of the European family,” Kyuchyuk said. He also expressed hope that the EU leaders will reconsider their judgement as soon as possible and correct the strategic mistake which, in his words, opens a new sore point in the region.

“As an MEP from a country that went through accession talks not that long ago, I am well aware that the process is bureaucratic and rooted in regulations more often than not, but that it can also be driven by political sentiments at times. My main goal as a rapporteur will be to steer clear from such political speculations and assess the progress of North Macedonia based on actual results and objective criteria,” Kyuchyuk stressed.

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