Bulgarian forum gathers Amazon, Alibaba, Google in one place

Over 80 global business giants arrive for Varna's Innowave Summit 2018 to aspire young entrepreneurs

The leaders of over 80 world-class companies, holding investment portfolios of more than $100m, such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Space X, Alibaba, Salesforce, Amazon, Ebay, Yandex, Dell, Twitter, LinkedIn, Oracle, Vimeo, Booking, Space X and venture capital funds, will share their experience, inspirations and business development ideas at the Innowave Summit 2018 in Varna. The forum, which has earned its reputation as one of the best and largest high-tech conferences in Southeastern Europe, will be held in the Palace of Culture and Sports in Bulgaria’s 'Black Sea capital'on 19-20 October.

After a successful last-year's edition, which put Varna on the map of new European digital cities, this year's Innowave Summit has drawn over 60 top lecturers, representing renowned brands from 25 countries, to speak about digitalisation of the business and public sectors. The list of world-known experts who will take the floor includes Vassil Denchev - chief quantum software architect of the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab at Google, American investor Marc Albisser - advisor and CEO in Aerospace, CryptoTech&Real estate, Norman Winarski - co-founder and board member of Siri (Apple), Denis Rothman - author of one of the first Artificial Intelligence Cognitive NPL Chatbots, and many more.

In addition, more than 80 world exhibitors are expected to present their achievements, while over 500 other owners and managers of businesses from the Balkans, Europe, America and Asia have already confirmed their participation in the forum.

Among the main topics that the Innowave Summit 2018 will present are the latest innovations in the fields of blockchain technologies, Internet of Things, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning, Nano technologies, fintech, digital healthcare, start-ups' development and strategies, marketing automation processes, e-commerce trends, changing consumer behaviour models in the digital market, etc.

The aim of the event is to set a trajectory of growth of Europe empowered by innovation, by creating favourable environment for active communication between the professional community and regional, national and EU institutions in which participants can exchange successful business models, experience and good practices in the context of the digital economy and technologies.

Innowave Summit 2018 is organised by the Bulgarian Business Forums NGO in partnership with Municipality of Varna (one of the 30 new digital hubs in Europe) and with the support of the Ministry of Economy of Bulgaria, European Startup Network and Startup Europe (European Commission Initiative).

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