BSP boosts its falling rating with lies about Peevski

Delyan Peevski

One can draw only one conclusion after the today’s election of a member of the Council for Electronic Media (CEM) – they have alleged to Peevski interference into CEM vote too. Alexander Simov, MP of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) was the next in a row to come out with this ludicrous lie.

The reason for his clumsy figment was the election of Galina Georgieva for a member of the CEM from the quota of the Parliament. Georgieva was proposed for the post by GERB at the initiative of Vezhdi Rashidov and she has nothing to do with either the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) or the lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. This is an obvious fact that can be easily checked out.

The ludicrous lamentations of Alexander Simov, which, by the way were posted without a tiny piece of evidence, are to a certain extent understandable. On 17 July, the mandate of the BSP appointee Ivo Atanasov as member of the media regulator and expert in sports bets expired and he naturally dropped out from the CEM. Helas! The “red expert” Ivo, for whom the BSP has been keeping his sinecure in the CEM for years, has lost his job. If Simov so much cares about Atanasov’s salary, may the BSP employ him as an assistant in the Parliament. What does Peevski have to do with these cheap intrigues?

Frustrated by the inability to solve their own intraparty issues and squabbles the Lefts ritually are trying to shift the blame on the MRF. In this particular case, on Delyan Peevski, a very “inconvenient” figure for the indicted oligarchs and failed politicians. Since Alexander Simov became an MP and changed his second-hand shirts with an elegant suit his self-confidence has soared. He makes assessments, smart remarks and has all the answers to everything, including jet fighters.

Please, Mr Simov, do remember your recent past of a journalist and what is most important in this profession – the facts. The lie that Peevski holds control over the CEM is nothing but ugly, manipulative and awry propaganda. It is becoming ridiculous after all. During the past month the Fake News Factory sustained by oligarchs Tsvetan Vassilev and Ivo Prokopiev has posted preposterous “news” that Peevski got control over the Bulgarian National TV, Nova TV, the court and the prosecutor’s office… They have not stopped releasing these stupid “news” even after the court, allegedly controlled by Peevski criminated Telegraph Media for telling the truth. When a Bulgarian MP whose salary is paid by the taxpayers starts singing along with the choir of the Fake News Factory it is no longer funny, it is really sad. We feel pity for you, Mr Simov, and for your century-old party. You resort to the tactics of the fugitive banker to make the oligarchs’ dogs bark at Peevski but it will not help you win back your disappointed voters. You will even turn away your remaining supporters because people do not like to be duped.

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