BOEC comes into action, sends warnings against Peevski to CEC

The NGO is associated with fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev

Delyan Peevski

While some of the pawns from the oligarchic chessboard formation play their games abroad, in Bulgaria one of the oligarchs’ battering rams against Delyan Peevski, namely BOEC NGO, was activated for attacking the lawmaker. The NGO which openly demonstrates its close connections with the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev was used to send reports against Peevski to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC).

After BOEC several times inundated with lies about Peevski the Prosecutor’s Office (apparently following the oligarchs’ orders) now the NGO decided to launch a campaign against his nomination for MEP. On top of that quoting a ludicrous assertion that the MP does not meet the legal requirements for eligibility because he doesn’t live in Bulgaria.

Only Peevski is not anyone like the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev who fled as far as Singapore because of the debts he had accumulated. Delyan Peevski is living in Bulgaria and, being a member of the Bulgarian Parliament, obviously meets all the requirements of the national legislation to hold this post. But this is exactly the greatest concern of the oligarchs – that Peevski can be elected to the EP and from the parliamentary podium in Brussels will continue to expose their dirty affairs and schemes for draining the state treasury and fleecing the Bulgarian citizens. As he was already elected for MEP once and, like in all other recent elections in which he took part, Peevski gained credit of the voters in contrast to various oligarchic projects, such as Yes, Bulgaria and Democrats for Strong Bulgaria whose election results are equal to a statistical error.

In an attempt to fail Peevski’s candidature the oligarchic Fake News Factory activated the agents of the communist-era State Security to cast slur on the lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media. Painfully familiar figures have joined in the campaign: Georgi Gotev and Velizar Enchev. Gotev, who years ago worked for the obscurantist structure reporting on foreign journalists, now works for a foreign edition EurActiv. He was set in operation by the shady political and economic circles in Bulgaria mere days after Peevski was nominated for MEP.

Then it became clear that the ex-agent of the State Security has circulated in Brussels the favorite talking point of the oligarchy: that the MP controls a significant number of media in Bulgaria and owns the larger share of printed media distribution sector”, while their associate organization Reporters without Borders pinpointed Peevski as the key culprit for the “poor state of media in Bulgaria”. All of the claims – apart from being open lies – have been refuted dozens of times with facts and evidence. Peevski owns six newspapers and that’s all! However, who is the State Security agent Ivanov and why the European edition made him their writer? Gotev is a former agent of the communist-era State Security who used to write reports on foreign journalists accredited in Bulgaria before 10 November 1989. Actually, for him being an informer runs in the family. Gotev himself worked at the Second Main Directorate of the State Security under alias Ivanov. Being a contributing author for authoritative EurActive today he pursued his service as secret police informer after 10 November. Later Gotev becomes a journalist and holds top positions in various media in Bulgaria and Brussels and finally settles in the Belgian capital. His name is associated with different pro-leftist media campaigns and recently also with the generous support he renders to the purportedly western-minded Ivo Prokopiev and his media outlets. Together with the oligarchic serfs, Gotev even takes part in roundtables abroad the main aim of which is to tarnish Peevski.

The notorious informer of the First Main Directorate of the State Security Velizar Enchev also joined in the slandering campaign against Peevski. He was “asked” to mention the name of Peevski and once more to draw attention to his persona, of course for no good reason. His actions, however, don’t surprise anyone, even his colleagues from the DS, as his manner of conduct was described in his personality profile of the totalitarian structure. It reads that Enchev was recruited and appointed because he is “disciplined”, “canny” and “inventive”. All personality traits necessary for a real informer. And, naturally, Enchev undersigns a solemn declaration to be forever faithful to the Bulgarian Communist Party, its State Security Agency and takes a vow of friendship with the Soviet Union.

Among other facts in his personal file the officers mentioned that he was capable of persuading, suggesting and soliciting. The cabinet of Ivan Kostov appointed him for Bulgarian ambassador in Zagreb where he stayed from 1997 to 2002. So his ties with the behind-the-scenes clique have transpired. An interesting fact in Enchev’s biography is that for a short while he lived in the town of Dubna, USSR together with his wife and contributed to ABV newspaper in Moscow. That is why it is no wonder that it was exactly Velizar Enchev who screamed his head off insisting that the Secret Files Commission should be closed as he was terrified that the shameful facts of his biography would be disclosed.

Namely Velizar Enchev was the man who in May 1999 published an absolutely false interview with the then president of Croatia Franjo Tudjman.

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