Apple replaced 11m iPhone batteries last year alone

The figure is almost 11 times higher than the number usually recorded in a calendar year

Last year was quite controversial for Apple as it had to face many issues. The last quarter was related to court conflicts with Qualcomm, which are expected to continue and take full effect in 2019. In addition, the company had to confess that weak iPhone sales would bring financial losses worth more than $9bn. To make things worse, the beginning of each calendar year is traditionally a weak period in the smartphone market, so we have every reason to expect that the situation will recur in 2019 and Apple's iPhone sales will suffer even more losses.

In its recently published report of its financial performance for the past three months, however, the company revealed an interesting fact about the reasons behind its earnings miss.

Apple had to replace over 11m batteries for iPhone owners in the past 12 months under the $29 standard defective parts replacement program that was introduced at the end of 2017 and ran through 2018 before ending on 31 December, 2018. The numbers are staggering since normally the company replaces between 1 and 2 million batteries within a year.

This means in 2018, Apple replaced as high as 11 times the number of the component it usually replaces in a year, which eventually hurt its numbers for the holiday quarter since iPhone buyers were disinclined to upgrade to an iPhone XR or iPhone XS, .

It's not entirely clear whether Apple knew the true affect of the battery replacement program earlier, or not. Yet, after the reveal the company promised to make further efforts to reduce this figure this year.

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