All (the oligarchic media) against Peevski (SUMMARY)

Literally in minutes, the Fake News Factory spreads the slandering report filed by Boets

Delyan Peevski

During the Easter holidays, some indulge in Easter bread and lamb dishes and others – in fake news. The media outlets of oligarchic publishers Ivo Prokopiev, Ognyan Donev, Sasho Donchev and Tsvetan Vassilev offered their small readership an alternative Easter menu. Vassilev is not officially a publisher, but funds a well-paid press office team of puppet journalists behind the scenes with money he stole from CorpBank. This entire gang has a common enemy – lawmaker of the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski – whom its media showers with fake-news concoctions on command.

What is more, the hired pens of the shadowy businessmen did not even bother to produce some variety but instead lazily waited for someone to set the tone and then proceeded to spread the fabrication copy-paste style. It was obvious that the signal for attack came from Boets. The NGO, which is openly partial to the fugitive banker hiding in Belgrade Tsvetan Vassilev, has been taking on the role of a machine for slandering reports as of late. It does that in the old communist fashion, of course.

But no matter how much one tries to outrun one’s past, it always shows up in one’s mode of operation, especially when one was meticulously trained by the obscurantist State Security to frame people seen as inconvenient to the totalitarian regime. The operation conducted by Boets is no different in its method of execution.

These self-proclaimed proponents of justice, who in reality are paid mouthpieces (after all, no NGO can survive just on free labour right?), have specialised in filing made-up reports that are not backed by any sort of facts or evidence. And all of those are against Peevski.

The latest work of the organisation is a true masterpiece of making malicious reports. It was filed with the Central Election Commission and is an unprecedented hotch-potch of fabrications. According to the report, Peevski does not meet the requirements set out in the law regulating MEP elections because he does not live in Bulgaria. This is an absolute lie that Boets invented in order to make their Big Boss (in this case Tsvetan Vassilev) happy because he is obviously scared out of his mind that Peevski may become an MEP.

Even more entertaining are the attempts of Boets to prove its allegation that Peevski is not in the country. That effort is based on a baffling piece of deductive reasoning – that the lawmaker is out of the country because Boets could not contact him. We are reminded of the behaviour of ostriches, a bird that seems to think that if its head is in the sand its backside is also safe. Boets demonstrates a similar logic. Its report also contains another piece of intriguing information – that the NGO is registered as a non-profit public benefit organisation. That is correct – it works for a certain part of society though, a tiny segment with a state-sized appetite. We are referring to the people who stole billions of levs from all of us and are now terrified (some still in Bulgaria others in Serbia) from the idea of having to answer for their crimes.

The moment Vassilev’s NGO submitted the report, the media of his fellow oligarchs (indicted for serious financial offences) immediately spread its content, accompanied by grandiose headlines like “NGO challenges Peevski’s right to run for MEP”. But the hired pens of the behind-the-scenes clique have clearly mistaken their audience for a gullible one because they omitted the information about who is behind Boets.

People are not so easily deceived, as evidenced by the comments in the comment section of Prokopiev’s website Dnevnik. In the over 100 comments posted below the article that extolls the virtues of Boets, the readers turn the authors’ attention to the fact that Boets is an oligarchic NGO serving the interests of Tsvetan Vassilev and that this is the latest attack against those who inconvenience the behind-the-scenes clique. Alas, once a State Security agent, informer, paid journalist or NGO on the feeding rack of the oligarchy, always one. And no matter how deep one buries their head in the sand, certain body parts remain visible.

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