Akamus to play Baroque music in Sofia

Berlin Academy of Old Music Akamus ranks among the world's leading chamber orchestras and its name is invariably present in the programmes of the best music venues across the globe. At the invitation of Goethe-Institute Bulgaria, for the first time Sofia is among the cities where Akamus will perform during their international tour.

The famous orchestra will present a concert of Baroque music on 13 October.

Sofia music lovers will have the chance to enjoy a rich and colourful musical journey - travelling through throbbing London with Handel, meeting Telemann in the multicultural port of Hamburg and proceeding to rebellious Paris. The beauty and virtuosity of Italian music will be presented in a masterful concerto for two oboes by Vivaldi and the agile score of Geminiani.

Akamus will bring the audience back to the Baroque epoch not only thanks to their repertoire but also due to their authentic period instruments. A unique 18th century lute, which has preserved the Baroque spirit and sound, will be brought to Sofia especially for the concert.

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