Agent Sasho’s radio-themed piece against Peevski

Iliyan Vassilev, aka Agent Sasho of the former State Security, has long proven himself to be an expert on everything from energy and finance to national security, international relations, domestic politics, etc. There is no topic he feels unprepared to speak on. This week, his now regular opinion piece is about the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), which he believes is doomed. Even Peevski cannot save it, he says.

The common denominator between all the topics on which Iliyan Vassilev is enlightening us with his priceless opinions is that they are all serving a handful of well-known oligarchs. At their instructions, Vassilev is acting as one of the main weapons in the oligarchy’s war against lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski – a war that is being waged primarily with fake news, slander and insinuations.

In his obscure website, Iliyan Vassilev recently published something of a half-economic, half-social analysis entitled “Why incomes are rising, but sense of poverty remains”: “Even when the economy is producing wealth, the existing redistribution mechanisms do not result in reciprocal, socially fair distribution of prosperity. I gave as an example the fact that if you observe the income dynamics of a thousand regular people like you and those of Ahmed Dogan and Delyan Peevski, you will surely note a stratospheric jump on average.”

This is what Agent Sasho wrote in the spirit of Karl Marx’s Capital, therefore quickly betraying what really stands behind the fake-socialist rhetoric of an actually wealthy individual like him. His entire purpose is to throw Peevski to the wolves in order to earn yet another daily allowance from his employers. And we all know who they are – the oligarchs, who would like to blame Delyan Peevski for everything and anything.

Mr Vassilev, while you are at it, why do you not compare the incomes of Tsvetan Vassilev, Ivo Prokopiev and Sasho Donchev with those of regular Bulgarians? Will there be a “stratospheric jump on average”? What do you think? Do we need to remind you that Tsvetan Vassilev is on trial for his CorpBank scheme, which cost the public budget billions of levs? According to reliable sources, the personal security for the paranoid fugitive banker alone costs about €40,000 a month. In other words, Vassilev is paying his Serbian bodyguards nearly €500,000 per year, or about BGN 1m, which is enough to fund the budget of a small village municipality.

Mr Iliyan Vassilev, did you forget former PM Ivan Kostov’s privatisation gifts to Ivo Prokopiev, the Kaolin toxic waste wrongdoings and the shady EVN deal? Is the natural gas monopoly controlled by Sasho Donchev bringing in good money or a measly BGN 2,000-3,000 a month?

Of course, Iliyan Vassilev would never dare to hurt the interests of the Bulgarian oligarchy. Do not wait with bated breath for him to expose Tsvetan Vassilev for the heist of the century or Ivo Prokopiev for his privatisation frauds and behind-the-scenes attempts at power grabs. After all, he is paid to serve his masters, not criticise them.

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