Agent Ivanov of State Security defames Peevski in Brussels

Oligarchs activate their pawns abroad because of lawmaker’s MEP candidacy

Georgi Gotev

A former agent of the communist-era agency State Securty is carrying out a smear campaign against Delyan Peevski, lawmaker of the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and Telegraph Media publisher. Georgi Gotev, who in his capacity as an operative of the obscurantist organisation years ago spied on foreign journalists and who nowadays writes for the Brussels-based website EurActiv, has been spurred into action by the shadowy political and economic circles in Bulgaria following the announcement of Peevski’s MEP candidacy.

What is the chronology of this communist-style smear campaign?

Several days ago, when news about Peevski’s nomination first leaked, the websites of the indicted oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev, Ognyan Donev and Tsvetan Vassilev (the last one is not officially an owner of a media outlet but the ongoing CorpBank case has revealed that he pays numerous journalists on the regular to execute “special orders” – editor’s note) and their crony Sasho Donchev started recycling a fake news item that was refuted five years ago. According to them, five years ago Peevski gave up his seat in the European Parliament (EP), which he won thanks to a strong voter support, because the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) insisted that he did so. Upon further research, however, this assertion was proven to be an outright lie, one that was officially disproven both by the MRF and the ALDE during the previous EP elections. The original source of the information at the time turned out to be none other than EurActiv and its author Georgi Gotev.

Apparently Gotev was activated to attack Peevski once more because that dispelled manipulation reared its ugly head recently, again through EurActiv. The article entitled “EU liberals silent over rogue Bulgarian candidate” was immediately copy-pasted by the website Dnevnik, property of the oligarch Ivo Prokopiev. In contrast to that headline, the article reveals that the ALDE has not been silent on Peevski’s candidacy, as the hired pens of the behind-the-scenes players are trying to insinuate. On the contrary, the alliance has since stated (just as it did five years ago) that it keeps to a clear principle of non-interference in the respective member parties’ lists of MEP candidates and that the ALDE members observe the liberal democratic values.

“The ALDE Party never comments on the composition of electoral lists by our member parties. In case Mr. Peevski gets elected and in case he takes up his seat in the European Parliament, it will be a matter of the Group to ensure their members respect our Liberal Democratic values”, Denvnik cites an ALDE spokesperson as saying. But the oligarchic media outlet’s article shows one more thing – Gotev did not just asked the party to comment in his capacity as a journalist, he tried his hand at lobbying for the oligarchs’ interests in Brussels.

Gotev resorts in his article to the lies spread by the oligarchic media in Bulgaria that Peevski is “the most controversial figure in Bulgarian politics” and even told the liberals that they were not aware of what an explosion hazard Peevski’s candidacy may be. In his text, the former State Security agent also disseminates another talking point formulated by the indicted oligarchs – that “Peevski controls a significant number of media in Bulgaria and owns a large chunk of print media distribution” – and goes on to point out that Reporters Without Borders (an oligarchic-friendly organisation) named the lawmaker “as one of the main reasons for the poor state of the media in Bulgaria”. All these assertions, besides being shameless lies, have been disproven by facts and evidence dozens of times – Peevski has, all in all, six newspapers. The oligarchs and their pawns refuse to recognise this, even though the information can be found in the country’s official registers. Just as they refuse to admit that the Reporters Without Borders report is full of fake news and that in the past several years dozens of countries have become mistrustful of this manipulated index of press freedom.

Who is agent Ivanov of the State Security and why does EurActiv uses him as a contributor?

Georgi Gotev is a former agent of the communist State Security who gathered information on foreign journalists accredited in Bulgaria before the democratic changes of 10 November 1989. Actually, spying runs in the family. Gotev himself worked for the Second Main Directorate as a secret associate with the alias Ivanov. The man who is nowadays an author for EurActiv continued to work for the security services after 10 November 1989 as well. Later, Gotev became a journalist and served in management positions in multiple media in Bulgaria and Brussels, where he is currently residing. He is best known for various media campaigns in favour of Bulgaria’s leftist party and as of late he enjoys generous support from the publications of Ivo Prokopiev, who is supposed to have pro-Western views. Gotev has even joined other oligarchic pawns in roundtable discussions abroad, where the main goal is to slander Peevski.

This begs the question why the oligarchs fear Peevski?

It is simple – because he is relentless in combating the shadowy structures trying to capture the state and that does not suit people like Prokopiev, Vassilev, Donev and Donchev, who like to skulk in the shadows and see every attempt to expose their shady deals a harsh blow. Besides, Peevski is proven to be honest, unlike the indicted oligarchs. After thousands of false reports and dozens of inspections by all sorts of institutions, there is one thing we know for sure – Peevski is an uncorrupted and clean politician. This is a rare breed for these parts of the world and one that has the affection and support of the electorate it represents. Unlike the political strawmen of the oligarchy, Peevski has run both for the National Assembly and for the EP to resounding success. The votes won by him exceeded several times those won by the remnants of the parties that pose as rightwing but are really nothing more than oligarchic projects.

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