Agent Academician’s motto: no day should go by without a fake about Peevski

Ognyan Stefanov

No day should go by without a fake about Peevski – this is apparently the motto of Ognyan Stefanov, aka agent Academician of the communist State Security, whose website Frognews is an element of the Fake News Factory.

In his impotence to make up yet another lie about lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski, Ognyan Stefanov recently employed the extinct obscurantist agency’s method of attaching the MP’s name to bigger news. In this particular case, Peevski’s name is thrown in the topic of the National Assembly’s choice of new members of the Financial Supervision Commission. This is an old trick of the Fake News Factory and a particularly favourite one of agent Academician – to involve Peevski’s name whenever the MPs choose members of agencies and commissions as well as public and administrative bodies.

The scheme was first used for covering the appointment of a member of the Bureau for Control of Special Surveillance Means, a nominee put forward by the Movement for Rights and Freedoms. Such theses, however, are absurd, as the former agent obviously conveniently forgets that these procedures are completely transparent and take place on the parliamentary floor in front of the media.

This ruckus created by agent Academician, who is acting as a mouthpiece for the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, while Frognews plays the role of the latter’s press office, is because of the amendments to two laws that Peevski, along with some of his MRF colleagues, helped draft. The first one stops the secondary plundering of CorpBank conducted by Tsvetan Vassilev and his entourage, while the second brings transparency regarding the ownership and financing of media outlets. It is thanks to the second legislative change that by 30 June it will be exposed that the Bulgarian Madoff pays websites to polish his tarnished image.

Last Tuesday a CorpBank case hearing revealed that Ognyan Stefanov received BGN 550,000, some BGN 250,000 of which he got in person. It must be obvious to the entire society that agent Academician runs fake news in exchange for payment.

On Friday he complained that his Sate Security file was empty. If he were all the way honest, he would have mentioned that the reason his file is empty is because it was destroyed with a State Security protocol, as the Secret Files Committee’s decision attests. In addition to the preserved cards type №4 and №6 (documenting entries into different segments of the agency’s record-keeping system), there is an entry in the register of the State Security’s Second Main Directorate (SMD) dated 19 August 1980 and showing cooperation on ideological basis. The folder is missing because the records of the personal and work history of the agent were destroyed. The fact of the matter is that agent Academician reported to the secret agencies, as obligated by his oath to the State Security and by the totalitarian secret service’s Instruction on Operational Reporting. According to that document, agent Academician’s responsibilities were to protect the lodgings used for secret meetings from being discovered and report to his direct superior in the SMD (the communist regime’s counterintelligence) and inform the organisation of facts and circumstances regarding certain individuals that he found as an agent.

Only former agent Academician knows how many lives he has ruined.

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