Agent Academician reanimates the mummy of agent Ognyan

Ognyan Stefanov

“Oh, do you remember, lady…,” run the lyrics of an old sentimental city romance. The song’s cover was made by the website of Agent Academician, who all of a sudden called back the memory of a figure long cast out of the Bulgarian politics.

Frognews took out of cupboard the skeleton of Osman Oktay, brushed mothballs off him and made him talk in a croaky voice on a ‘designer’ topic, namely that against lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski.

It is noteworthy that in their endeavor to report to the boss a new fake about Peevski the contributors to the site make such haste that their efforts result in waste – they often confuse the name of their ‘enemy’. This time, in a fake whipped up due to joint efforts of agent Ognyan (Osman Oktay) and agent Academician (Ognyan Stefanov) the name of the lawmaker is spelt as ‘Dlyan Peevski’, at least in the headline which is indexed in Google search engine, the toadies of Ognyan Stefanov have coped with the sent-down task: not to miss a single day without mentioning Peevski, naturally for no good reason.

After Oktay was expelled from politics owing to suspicion that he reached into the party cash-box of the Movement for Right and Freedoms, he makes appearance only on special occasions that is to sing along with agent Academician in his fakes against MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. In full synchrony with his ‘animator’, who has already specialised in reanimating political corpses, Oktay synthetically drags the name of Peevski in the Bulgartabac theme. Of course, he omits the fact that the lawmaker has never had control over the holding and sold his 5% minority share in it as early as in 2016. These are the facts that make all other interpretations ill-disguised lies.

The memory of agent Ognyan fails him when he is talking about other details, for instance about the years-long attempts of the indicted oligarchs to peddle influence over the personnel policy in the Bulgarian politics. Oktay conveniently leaves out in the cold the Capital circle which, according to PM Boyko Borissov, had several of its own pocket ministers and at the same time spreads cheap manipulations involving the incumbent reps of the government who purportedly were members of the opposition, namely the Movement for Rights and Freedoms. Moreover, he attempts to impute his own assumptions to other people. It seems a little absurd that a political outcast like Oktay should explain what this or that minister means commenting on their statements. Oktay, just like the other ‘microphone holders’ of Frognews, actually nourish hope that the Bulgarian community has short memory. But this is far from truth. Especially when the country remembers the facts which can be easily verified.

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