Agent Academician laments Kostov’s money. “Peevski is to blame” sounds again

Ognyan Stefanov, who is now spewing fake news about the publisher of Telegraph Media, laid low when the premier said Capital people had meddled in hiring of government officials

Ognyan Stefanov

Agent Academician seems delirious again; and they say that the African swine fever is not dangerous for people. In a political “analysis” full of pathos, published on his obliging website, Ognyan Stefanov stirs up a classical hodgepodge of fake news. The old State Security operative laments the fact that authorities are investigating a suspicious half a million levs of Ivan Kostov’s finances and likens the former PM to a tall tree buffeted by hurricanes whereas the bushes survive just fine low to the ground.

I have no idea what kind of tree Ivan Kostov is supposed to be in this analogy, but his fans in the Fake News Factory are clearly taking us all for fools. They apparently think we should believe that the suspiciously swollen bank accounts of Kostov and his wife, who are not particularly known for their business acumen, are the result of his book sales or saved earnings from the sale of the family’s homegrown cucumbers.

But Agent Academician would not be the skillful cook of fake news and fake analysis that he is, if he did not add to his claptrap a touch of his favourite “spice” – the name of lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. According to Ognyan Stefanov, the probe into Kostov’s “clean money for rainy days” is a political attack before the elections and “Peevski’s media outlets are already poised to pounce, waiting for a signal” to target other inconvenient people.

No, we are not waiting for a signal to pounce, but Agent Academician must be strangely overjoyed by Kostov’s voter support of 1.3% to utter such nonsense. A signal to attack has indeed been given, but the “general” is cowering like a mouse in his Belgrade command post. Here, on the frontline, on the ground, oligarchs such as Ivo Prokopiev and Sasho Donchev and company are left to fight his battles. The oligarchy’s enemy is also clear – this is Delyan Peevski. Perhaps he has that dubious honour because, unlike them, he never took part in the shady privatisation process and because through the Telegraph Media publications he is saying truths that do not suit the organised oligarchic group in Bulgaria.

The way that “journalists” like Ognyan Stefanov are showing their true colours is beyond ironic. “Dogan dictates, Peevski works on the ground,” writes Agent Academician in his propaganda piece. The correct version of that would be: Tsvetan Vassilev and Ivo Prkopiev dictates, Agent Academician works on the ground. By the way, Atanas Atanasov from Kostov’s party and Hristo Ivanov from its clone Yes, Bulgaria, both supposedly in opposition, waited on PM Boyko Borissov like beggars the other day.

“Why do you ask me about Peevski every time and not Prokopiev? The Capital circle is the one that has had something to do with the government. They brought up to me the names of 5-6 people for ministers,” the premier said openly three years ago.

Upon those words of the prime minster, Prokopiev’s media outlets and Ognyan Stefanov laid low to the ground like bushes ahead of a storm.

Who is the bush and who is the tree now, Agent Academician?

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