Agent Academician is in such a hurry to lie that he lies about Peevski’s name too

The stale lie spread by Ognyan Stefanov: “Delun” Peevski is positioned to get BGN 12m from CorpBank

Delyan Peevski

It is a new year, but the organised media group of the oligarchy is sticking to its old ways – fake news and libel. The target of the latest attack is, as it always is, lawmaker of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. What has made him a target is him continuously exposing the truth about the shady deals of oligarchs like Tsvetan Vassilev and Ivo Prokopiev. A habit that is extremely annoying to them, which in turn makes them respond in the only way they can – with libel and lies.

The puppet journalists of the oligarchy are so eager to please their masters that they do not even bother inventing new fabrications and just recycle oldies. Like the one that two companies supposedly tied to Delyan Peevski were set to get BGN 12m from the lender CorpBank whose failure was engineered by fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev. The preposterous lie was disseminated by the gossipy website Frognews, owned by Ognyan Stefanov (aka Agent Academician) for the umpteenth time. The former State Security agent was apparently in such a hurry to get the old lie back out there that he misspelled the name of the Telegraph Media publisher, writing “Delun Peevski”.

Liars must have not only pants on fire, but poor grammar as well. Preoccupied with serving us the lie he cooked up last year and presenting it as new, Ognyan Stefanov allowed other typos to creep in his text – like writing “Presocuter’s Office” instead of Prosecutor’s Office. We are not going to evaluate Agent Academician’s command of proper Bulgarian grammar, but the trend is clear – he was in a rush and made mistakes. And the conclusion is only one – the allegation that Delyan Peevski has anything to do with the syphoning off of CorpBank is no truer than the claim that his name is “Delun”.

Anyone is free to visit the Commercial Register and check who the aforementioned companies are and whether Peevski has something to do with them.

Let us also remind the fact that the volumes of documentation gathered by the prosecution on the CorpBank case is big enough to fill a small municipal library. And yet, Peevski’s name is not there.

On the contrary, it was Peevski and a group of MRF lawmakers who put forward the bill intended to stop the secondary plundering of the bank. At the time, Ognyan Stefanov and all of his cronies screamed their heads off against the legislative initiative.

According to the court testimonies of the lead witness in the CorpBank case, Biser Lazov, Ognyan Stefanov took huge sums of money in cash personally from Tsvetan Vassilev – somewhere between BGN 200,000 and BGN 250,000.

But the arrogance of the Fake News Factory knows no bounds. Apparently, Agent Academician and his sponsor hiding in Belgrade believe that a lie repeated 100 times becomes the truth. Well, not so fats, Agent Academician. The truth is only one and, as the Bible says (which you probably never read), it always comes out. And the truth in this instance is that from its very establishment CorpBank operated as a pyramid for the personal gain of Tsvetan Vassilev. Not “Delun” but your benefactor “Tsvetun” stole the bank’s money.

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