3rd Brussels Conference on Syria to be held in March

The ‘Third Brussels Conference on supporting the future of Syria and the region’ will take place from 12 to 14 March, Federica Mogherini, the EU’s foreign policy chief announced. More information about the preparations and the concept of the conference in the Belgian capital will be presented in the coming weeks.

Mogherini already had exchanges with the new UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen on “how to use this conference not only for a humanitarian pledge that we want to keep as high as possible on the international and European agenda, but also for defining how we can support a political transition in Syria and the UN role in this respect.”


The previous conference, co-chaired by the EU and the UN was held last April and brought together in Brussels ministers from 57 countries, as well 10 regional organisations and 19 UN agencies. During the forum was mobilised aid to Syrians inside the country and in the neighbouring countries, including for hosting communities, through pledges totalling € 3.5 bn for 2018, and also multi-year pledges of € 2.7 bn for 2019-2020.

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