Western Balkans

    • Kosovo lawmakers approve army

      Kosovo lawmakers approve army

      Kosovo's parliament on Friday approved three draft laws on the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) expanding its competences and creating a legal base for its transformation into a regular army with 5,000 troop, plus 3,000 reservists. The three draft laws concern one directly on the Kosovo Security Force, KSF, another on a Ministry of Defence and a third on service in the KSF.

    • NATO greenlights MAP for Bosnia

      NATO greenlights MAP for Bosnia

      NATO foreign ministers gave Bosnia-Herzegovina the green light to take a major step forward on its path toward joining the world's biggest military alliance, albeit the Bosnian Serb objections to membership. Meeting in Brussels on December 5, the ministers invited Bosnia to submit its first annual national program of political, economic, and defense reforms aimed at bringing aspiring countries into line with the Atlantic alliance's standards.

    • MEPs discuss Western Balkans' progress

      MEPs discuss Western Balkans' progress

      In resolutions adopted on Tuesday, Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs marked the progress made in five Western Balkan countries on their path towards possible EU accession as well as expressed their concern about those countries' development. Following the committee votes, the resolutions are scheduled to be tabled for a plenary vote during the November mini plenary session in Brussels.

    • Merkel: No border changes on the Balkans

      Merkel: No border changes on the Balkans

      German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday rejected the imposition of any changes to borders in the Balkans, after leaders of both Serbia and Kosovo announced in recent days that current boundaries are under discussion. Merkel’s comments were clearly linked to the possible partition of Kosovo, a prospect that many fear would trigger violence in the Balkans amid knock-on demands from other nations for border changes.