Tsvetan Vassilev

    • Radan’s wet dreams

      Radan’s wet dreams

      The gods must be crazy! Bushman Radan Kanev and his tribal leader Ivan Kostov rose in arms against the idea of introducing the US model for parties’ funding in Europe. Purportedly concerned, the newly elected MEP Radan Kanev showed up at the bTV studio just to cover the idea with spittle.

    • CorpBank affair, 5 years later

      CorpBank affair, 5 years later

      Five years after the most massive heist in the Bulgaria’s modern history – the collapse of the CorpBank pyramid – fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev is still keeping at his disposal about BGN 5 to 6bn. He squanders the money of the defrauded depositors on lavish life in Belgrade and generous fees paid to lawyers, judges of the oligarchy and, of course, the media and expensive journalists who run his talking points and try to present him as a “victim” of robbery, while they themselves are the real victim.

    • Stoyana defends Kostov with fake news about Peevski

      Stoyana defends Kostov with fake news about Peevski

      Stoyana Georgieva, the one-time spokesperson for former PM Ivan Kostov who must be hoarse from shouting out all those lies from the rooftops, seems to have suffered a heatstroke. And understandably so – the temperatures out there are in the 30s, people get muddled by the scorching heat. Stoyana must have stood too long in the sun because she has gotten completely tangled up in her own fables in her bid to defend her guru Kostov with the latest fake news about lawmaker Delyan Peevski.

    • Exit exam for low-scorers

      Exit exam for low-scorers

      The warrior of fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, Georgi Georgiev shows signs of manic. On the evening of 19 June, Ruse site Dunavmost released a very strange text full of spelling and grammar mistakes, wrong capitalising and hilarious mood.

    • Substance-induced journalism

      Substance-induced journalism

      To make people like oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and arms dealer Emiliyan Gebrev out to be victims of some kind of imaginary institutional repression is to not only show some true skill at spinning things but some serious mental glitches. The latter can only be explained with two colours – white or green (as you will find out below), or a combination thereof.

    • Delyan Peevski blamed for white sharks in Black Sea too

      Delyan Peevski blamed for white sharks in Black Sea too

      The summer is here, it is hot and news days are slow. The days of stifling heath have always been challenging for the information business, bringing about more than a few fake news items. One classical example, dating back to the early days of Bulgaria’s transition to democracy, is the report that white sharks were spotted in the Black Sea. Nowadays, however, this time of year is harrowing for the small but vociferous segment of pseudo-journalists which makes its living as hired pens serving the oligarchs.

    • Indicted oligarchs cheat US about Peevski

      Indicted oligarchs cheat US about Peevski

      We don’t know if you noticed it but as weeks go by a report targeting the lawmaker of the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski appears in some of the sites of the indicted oligarch. And it is never “just a report” but an authoritative document, full of scary conclusions, namely how bad it is to be a people’s representative.

    • Slanderers on the attack against Peevski again

      Slanderers on the attack against Peevski again

      Fear is what is betrayed by the impotent efforts of the oligarch Ivo Prokopiev to attack lawmaker and Telegraph media publisher Delyan Peevski with whatever he can. Having run out of talking points, Prokopiev is now grasping at the last possible straws in his panic – the former State Security agents, who promptly started popping up in his publications as analysts thanks to copy-pasted Facebook posts.

    • Agent Academician’s US RICO law ravings

      Agent Academician’s US RICO law ravings

      Last week the website Frognews, owned by Ognyan Stefanov, aka former State Security agent Academician, topped all previous fake-news items. In his article entitled “21 lawyers for Peevski and FIB (First Investment Bank) in New York, court to dig up bank accounts and offshore companies of the MP”, agent Academician outdid himself in fabrications and outright lies.

    • Agent Academician “committed suicide”. Peevski is to blame again

      Agent Academician “committed suicide”. Peevski is to blame again

      Sad news! On 7 June agent Academician “committed suicide”. And as soon as Orthodox priests do not read the last rites for suicides, the „journalist-in-waiting” of Tsvetan Vassilev performed the burial service himself, ate funeral meal and lit a candle. However, he didn’t do it at the central cemetery of Sofia but on his own manipulative website – Frognews.