Sonya Koltuklieva

    • Kazachok with Novichok

      Kazachok with Novichok

      Do you know what Delyan Peevski has for breakfast every morning? I will let you peek in the kitchen, so to speak – it is little kids. You do not believe that? Well, just wait and it will probably not be long before tidbit of that sort pops up in some negligible website or on someone’s even less significant Facebook page. If you have the patience for it, you will see the news multiplied across newspapers, including foreign; TV networks; radio stations and all types of media outlets for indiscriminate dissemination of information.

    • Oligarchs’ “press office” spins fake news about Peevski in Facebook

      Oligarchs’ “press office” spins fake news about Peevski in Facebook

      The paid unofficial press office of the oligarchy have been working in high gear on Facebook, targeting primarily lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski, reveals a Monitor News Agency study of the social media. As it turns out, some of the most active mouthpieces of the behind-the-scenes clique, like aging journalist Sonya Koltuklieva and former State Security operative with penchant for doing prosecutors’ work Iliyan Vassilev, have found in their dotage a new way to earn the money they are paid for serving indicted oligarchs.