• Lozan Panov avoids inconvenient questions

      Lozan Panov avoids inconvenient questions

      The infamous head of the Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC) Lozan Panov has run away from the media’s inconvenient question once again. He walked away from every enquiry about whether he would resign now that it has emerged that he defamed the country in front of Brussels representatives and after Prime Minister Boyko Borissov publicly withdrew his support for him.

    • To 'poison' CorpBank's defrauded depositors

      To 'poison' CorpBank's defrauded depositors

      Prior to the collapse of the CorpBank pyramid scheme in 2014, Dunarit was used by Tsvetan Vassilev as a distribution centre through which credit facilities were provided by the bank and subsequently given out as “loans” to shell firms. Of course, without any collateral. According to reports by CorpBank's bankruptcy administrators, over BGN 90 million have been syphoned off through this scheme, subsequently captured by fictitious cessions at the time of sequestration.