• Substance-induced journalism

      Substance-induced journalism

      To make people like oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and arms dealer Emiliyan Gebrev out to be victims of some kind of imaginary institutional repression is to not only show some true skill at spinning things but some serious mental glitches. The latter can only be explained with two colours – white or green (as you will find out below), or a combination thereof.

    • Oligarch Prokopiev uses bTV as nose-wipe

      Oligarch Prokopiev uses bTV as nose-wipe

      Oligarch Ivo Prokopiev who stands trial for the EVN affair and is indicted for the Kaolin deals decided to switch over to “protection mode”. To this end he gave an emergency interview for the breakfast-time block of the bTV channel and virtually used the channel like a handkerchief to wipe his tears shed over the fact that in the long run the State started digging into the affairs he is implicated in. Prokopiev’s media appearance doesn’t come as a surprise having in mind that some time ago he himself admitted in the verbatim records of the ARGOgate (the authenticity of which he again himself confirmed on air – Ed.’s note) that he is dominating the mainstream in Bulgaria.

    • Authorities raid offices of oligarch Prokopiev

      Authorities raid offices of oligarch Prokopiev

      The Specialised Prosecutor’s Office has raided an office building in downtown Sofia housing office spaces of Alfa Finance Holding, a consultancy affiliated with the oligarch Ivo Prokopiev. The company was raided under a court order issued as part of the money laundering case connected to the sale of the mining company Kaolin – a charge that was brought up against Prokopiev back in October 2018.

    • Prokopiev’s money doesn’t smell, does it?

      Prokopiev’s money doesn’t smell, does it?

      Two million and four hundred thousand bottles of ready produce worth over $4m. In 1997 this was the produce available in the storehouses of Vinprom Damianitsa. Two men woke up being millionaires on a day happy for privatization conducted by Ivan Kostov. These men were Ivo Prokopiev and his associate Filip Harmandjiev. The two of them paid $60,000 in cash for this wealth.