Ivo Prokopiev

    • Military intelligence in clutches of Prokopiev and Vassilev

      Military intelligence in clutches of Prokopiev and Vassilev

      A textbook KGB-style operation has been launched by the indicted oligarch-publishers and their mentor former PM Ivan Kostov. This was prompted by the charges that the Prosecutor’s Office brought up against the former head of the Military Information agency (editor’s note – the military intelligence) Gen. Plamen Angelov and the incumbent Gen. Svetoslav Daskalov a week ago for issuing 504 approvals for the highest-level access to NATO and EU classified information in violation of the law.

    • The oligarchy’s court attacks Peevski's media

      The oligarchy’s court attacks Peevski's media

      Oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and his mentor, former PM Ivan Kostov, are pulling the strings of the court system through their puppet judge Lozan Panov. This much was revealed by the shameful decision of an oligarchy-controlled court controlled, which washed clean the scandalous past of Elisaveta Panova. The ruling of the Sofia City Court effectively puts an end to the illusion of rule of law in Bulgaria with the sole purpose of serving the behind-the-scene clique’s interests.

    • Only one above Prokopiev is… Kostov

      Only one above Prokopiev is… Kostov

      There can hardly be anything more pathetic in this world than being an oligarch on strings. Supposedly a millionaire, you do not have control over your own money. Supposedly a master of a bunch of “smart and beautiful” servants, you are someone’s servant yourself and you stand at attention and do what you are told whenever that “important phone number” calls. Even basic everyday stuff like what to eat and where to live are not your own choice. If the boss says “your meals will consist of rocket and other pretentious vegan items” or “go catch a flight to Singapore”, his word is gospel.

    • Chess and mate with a glass of juice

      Chess and mate with a glass of juice

      It is obvious that the Fake News Factory takes great interest in every move Delyan Peevski makes. One such example is the innocuous photo of Peevski grabbing a non-alcoholic drink from a cooler while meeting with voters in the village of Pashovi, near Velingrad. Even though there was nothing unusual to that image, certain heavy-weight observers “overanalysed” even that small detail. Chess and mate with a glass of juice! You are not really trying to tell us that Ivo Prokopiev and Tsvetan Vassilev never drink non-alcoholic beverages, are you?

    • Radan’s wet dreams

      Radan’s wet dreams

      The gods must be crazy! Bushman Radan Kanev and his tribal leader Ivan Kostov rose in arms against the idea of introducing the US model for parties’ funding in Europe. Purportedly concerned, the newly elected MEP Radan Kanev showed up at the bTV studio just to cover the idea with spittle.

    • Guilty a priori

      Guilty a priori

      Do you remember an old nursery rhyme about a balloon blown with compressed air? Well, we all know how it ends. And these days we saw it vividly, when one prosecutor in one dark room by the wave of his pen erased the trademark of the most popular newspaper in Bulgaria – Telegraph.

    • Substance-induced journalism

      Substance-induced journalism

      To make people like oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and arms dealer Emiliyan Gebrev out to be victims of some kind of imaginary institutional repression is to not only show some true skill at spinning things but some serious mental glitches. The latter can only be explained with two colours – white or green (as you will find out below), or a combination thereof.

    • Prokopiev’s parole of honour

      Prokopiev’s parole of honour

      The double standards of oligarch Prokopiev have hit the rock bottom. For several days running, his media servicing up their master, contrary to all journalistic ethical standards, have been competing in bringing it home to public that shutting down Telegraph, the most popular newspaper in Bulgaria, initiated by one presumptuous prosecutor who abused his power, was an “isolated case”.

    • Oligarch Prokopiev uses bTV as nose-wipe

      Oligarch Prokopiev uses bTV as nose-wipe

      Oligarch Ivo Prokopiev who stands trial for the EVN affair and is indicted for the Kaolin deals decided to switch over to “protection mode”. To this end he gave an emergency interview for the breakfast-time block of the bTV channel and virtually used the channel like a handkerchief to wipe his tears shed over the fact that in the long run the State started digging into the affairs he is implicated in. Prokopiev’s media appearance doesn’t come as a surprise having in mind that some time ago he himself admitted in the verbatim records of the ARGOgate (the authenticity of which he again himself confirmed on air – Ed.’s note) that he is dominating the mainstream in Bulgaria.

    • Indicted oligarchs cheat US about Peevski

      Indicted oligarchs cheat US about Peevski

      We don’t know if you noticed it but as weeks go by a report targeting the lawmaker of the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski appears in some of the sites of the indicted oligarch. And it is never “just a report” but an authoritative document, full of scary conclusions, namely how bad it is to be a people’s representative.