• Google partners with WordPress to save local media

      Google partners with WordPress to save local media

      Over the past couple of decades, local media has been eclipsed by big tech platforms, as it struggled to keep up with changing consumer behaviours and emerging digital world. As a result many local newspapers with long histories have had to cut back on staff and reduce coverage. So, to solve the issue and save the local media outlets Google News initiative is now partnering with WordPress's parent company Automattic by investing $1.2 m in the development of a “fast, secure, low-cost publishing system.”

    • The eye-popping gems of CES2019

      The eye-popping gems of CES2019

      The largest technology conference in the world - Consumer Electronics Show CES 2019, kicked off the year with a mouthwatering look at all the juicy cutting edge tech we can expect to follow. Covering over 2.9m square feet, the show presented to over 190, 000 attendees many evolutionary gadgets and technologies with the potential to change the lives of billions of people. With the nearly 1,200 new startups debuting products at the show, CES also became the largest incubator in the world.

    • Study sees $240bn Southeast Asia internet economy by 2025

      Study sees $240bn Southeast Asia internet economy by 2025

      Southeast Asia’s internet economy is expected to exceed $240bn by 2025, a joint study by Google and Temasek Holdings shows. Figure represents a fifth more ($40bn) than a previous estimate the companies made - as more consumers use their smartphones to go online. The study, first published in 2016, encompasses ride-hailing, e-commerce, online travel and online media in Southeast Asia’s six largest economies - Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The latest report released on Monday adds new sectors such as online food delivery, as well as subscription music and video on demand.

    • Google takes over DeepMind’s health business

      Google takes over DeepMind’s health business

      As part of an ongoing reorganisation of its health care efforts, Google has announced that it will take over DeepMind Health, a part of its London-based AI lab DeepMind. From now on DeepMind's health unit will exist under the Google umbrella and it will be part of the company's newly-formed health subsidiary Google Health initiative. More specifically, the change will affect DeepMind's Streams app, which physicians in the UK have used to help treat their patients, since it will be moving over to Google, and the Google Health team will be working on expanding the app to more regions.

    • Google is shutting down Google+

      Google is shutting down Google+

      In the aftermath of a massive data breach, Google announced today that it is shutting down its social network Google+ for consumers. As the company finally admitted - Google+ failed to live up to expectations and achieve broad consumer or developer adoption since its introduction. In a blog post creators even wrote that 90 percent of Google+ user sessions last less than five seconds. So in Ilight of the newly revealed security concerns with Google+'s API, the company has opted to put it out of its misery over the next 10 months rather than try and make the social network more secure.

    • Google allows developers to collect your Gmail data

      Google allows developers to collect your Gmail data

      The search giant Google, whose Gmail is used by around 1.4bn people, admitted on Thursday that it continues to allow third party developers to create apps aimed at accessing and scanning users’ email account messages  to collect information. Among the data these app developers seek is the name of products you buy, which friends and co-workers you communicate with the most, and the name of places where you travel. Yet, it remains unclear how many developers have been caught violating its email-scanning rules and whether the marketing companies are taking advantage of consumers' accounts.

    • EU Parliament holds 'last chance' vote on copyright

      EU Parliament holds 'last chance' vote on copyright

      The European Parliament will vote today on a contentious copyright law, which has provoked one of the most intense lobbying wars in European Union history. Rejected in July, the reform has been amended in hope of answering the fears of advocates of internet freedom who helped sink the law in the first place. Now, amid last-minute writing and rewriting of more than 203 amendments, the final outcome seems unpredictable.