Cyber Attack

    • WhatsApp suffers 'targeted' surveillance attack

      WhatsApp suffers 'targeted' surveillance attack

      Hackers were able to remotely install surveillance software on phones and other devices using a major vulnerability in messaging app WhatsApp. According to a statement by the company, which is owned by Facebook, the attack targeted a "select number" of users, mostly human rights attorneys, and was orchestrated by "an advanced cyber-actor," which the Financial Times identified as Israel's NSO Group.

    • Hackers gained access to Hotmail, MSN, Outlook

      Hackers gained access to Hotmail, MSN, Outlook

      On Saturday, Microsoft confirmed to TechCrunch that some users of the company’s email service had been targeted by hackers. A hacker or group of hackers had first broken into a customer support account for Microsoft, and then used that to gain access to information related to customers’ email accounts such as the subject lines of their emails and who they’ve communicated with.

    • Spain's defense intranet hacked

      Spain's defense intranet hacked

      A computer virus infected the Spanish Defence Ministry’s intranet this month with the aim of stealing high tech military secrets, El País newspaper said on Tuesday, citing sources leading the investigation as suspecting a foreign power behind the cyberattack. 

    • Largest public data breach in history is a fact

      Largest public data breach in history is a fact

      Data breaches these days started to become more and more massive and thanks to Internet security researcher Troy Hunt the world has now officially witnessed the biggest one. The newly discovered “Collection #1" undoubtedly represents the largest public data breach by volume, with 772,904,991 unique emails and 21,222,975 unique passwords exposed. Furthermore, it is reportedly made up of individual data breaches from more than 2,000 databases, instead of representing a single, easily identifiable service.

    • Thousands of EU diplomatic cables compromised

      Thousands of EU diplomatic cables compromised

      Hackers spent years infiltrating the EU’s diplomatic communications network and downloading thousands of cables that reveal concerns about an unpredictable Trump administration and anxiety regarding Russia China and Iran. The operation was disrupted only after California-based Area 1 Security firm discovered hundreds of intercepted documents on the internet.

    • EU agrees on measures to prevent cyberthreats

      EU agrees on measures to prevent cyberthreats

      Representatives from the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the Commission have reached on 10 December a joint political agreement, which establishes a framework for cybersecurity in the bloc. It is aimed at strengthening EU's efforts in countering large-scale malware attacks such as Wannacry and NotPetya more effectively, the Commission reported.

    • British Airways admits massive data breach

      British Airways admits massive data breach

      The largest airline in the UK British Airways admitted that hackers have stolen customers’ personal and payment card information from its website, Although it did not disclose much about the breach, the BA said that the “personal and financial details” of customers who made bookings on its site or app between 21 August and 5 September were compromised, but travel or passport information was not taken.