Atanas Chobanov

    • Russian propaganda with three pillars in Bulgaria

      Russian propaganda with three pillars in Bulgaria

      The Russian propaganda in Bulgaria is standing on three pillars that were first positioned in the most important areas of public life – culture, entrepreneurship and politics – as early as the country’s process of transitioning to democracy. Thanks to them, the Kremlin has continued to weave its spider’s web in the country, despite seemingly losing ground in the early days of democratic changes, and blast the public consciousness with disinformation, talking points and downright lobbyist projects.

    • Bivol on Malofeev’s feeding rack

      Bivol on Malofeev’s feeding rack

      The socialists know best, especially those with close ties with the Kremlin. “Socialism is like AIDS – it is a disease transmitted sexually or hereditary,” this outrageous remark made by the even more scandalous leftwing lawmaker Anton Kutev is a fitting description of the close ties of the Russian propaganda in which the so-called chief editor of the website Bivol Atanas Chobanov, his spouse Maria Onuchko, her father Victor Onuchko and the “Orthodox oligarch” Konstantin Malofeev find themselves entangled.

    • Kazachok with Novichok

      Kazachok with Novichok

      Do you know what Delyan Peevski has for breakfast every morning? I will let you peek in the kitchen, so to speak – it is little kids. You do not believe that? Well, just wait and it will probably not be long before tidbit of that sort pops up in some negligible website or on someone’s even less significant Facebook page. If you have the patience for it, you will see the news multiplied across newspapers, including foreign; TV networks; radio stations and all types of media outlets for indiscriminate dissemination of information.

    • Russian protégé from Bivol lies about Peevski abroad (UPDATED)

      Russian protégé from Bivol lies about Peevski abroad (UPDATED)

      The Russian protégé working as the chief editor of the website for racketeering Bivol, Atanas Chobanov, has plastered a tonne of lies in the respected US magazine Newsweek. This is not the first time that Chobanov, who is the son-in-law of the long-time correspondent of RIA Novosti in Paris and Brussels Victor Onuchko (with ties with Kremlin), is trying to spread lies abroad in service of his oligarchic mentors.