• Heading to eternity

      Heading to eternity

      What he refers to as one of the most exciting projects since his debut album, Oxygene, Jean-Michel Jarre announced the launch of his new infinite music app, EōN.

    • AI set to upend melody making

      AI set to upend melody making

      The use of AI will undoubtedly lead to the revolution of music composing, but robots will not replace humans in the art of making melodies. Or at least that is the opinion of Francois Pachet, a scientist, composer and the director of the Spotify Creator Technology Research Lab.

    • Sofia to build Big Data CoE

      Sofia to build Big Data CoE

      Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski”, in partnership with Sweden's Chalmers University of Technologies and Chalmers Industrial Technologies, has launched in Sofia, Bulgaria, the first ever “Big Data for Smart Society” Centre of Excellence (GATE CoE) in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Eastern Europe.

    • 5G, AI dominate GITEX

      5G, AI dominate GITEX

      Artificial intelligence and 5G, the ultra-high-speed mobile network currently being rolled out in the UAE and around the world, were just two of the highlights of GITEX Technology Week, which was held between 6-10 October at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

    • Tech giants 'put world at risk of a killer AI'

      Tech giants 'put world at risk of a killer AI'

      The invention of an artificial super-intelligence has been a central theme in science fiction since at least the 19th century. From E.M. Forster's short story The Machine Stops (1909) to the recent HBO television series Westworld, writers have tended to portray this possibility as an unmitigated disaster. 

    • Intel unveils its first AI chips

      Intel unveils its first AI chips

      Intel has unveiled this week two new CPUs designed for large computing centers which will be the chipmaker's first to utilize artificial intelligence (AI). The two chips are company's first offerings from its Nervana Neural Network Processor (NPP) line, with the one being used to train AI systems while the other will handle inference.

    • Microsoft announces $1bn investment in AGI

      Microsoft announces $1bn investment in AGI

      A lot of startups in the San Francisco Bay Area are arguing that they could change the world and its future. San-Francisco-based, Elon Musk-founded OpenAI has a stronger claim than most: It wants to build artificial general intelligence (AGI), or in other words - an AI system that has, like humans, the capacity to reason across different domains and apply its skills to unfamiliar problems.

    • Rubik's cube solved in a second

      Rubik's cube solved in a second

      An AI system developed by researchers at the University of California has managed to solve the Rubik's Cube in just over a second. And while, humans able to solve the unique puzzle quickly generally take about 50 moves, the deep reinforcement learning algorithm solved it in an average of 28 moves without any specific domain knowledge or in-game coaching from human.

    • EU invests €35m in AI for cancer prevention

      EU invests €35m in AI for cancer prevention

      The European Commission launched on 9 July a call for proposals with €35m available to support the development of analysis of health images for cancer diagnostics based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as other tools and analytics focused on the prevention, prediction and treatment of the most common forms of cancer.