• Mario Hossen becomes artistic director of Varna Summer Fest

      Mario Hossen becomes artistic director of Varna Summer Fest

      Mario Hossen, a virtuoso violinist with a striking style, has been appointed artistic director of the oldest festival in Bulgaria - Varna Summer International Music Festival. Following the announcement, he told the media that this year's edition will encompass music events stretching from March to December. The organisers' ambition is to attract world-renowned names and promote Varna, and Bulgaria as a whole, as destinations for cultural tourism.

    • Stefan Moses - connoisseur of the German soul

      Stefan Moses - connoisseur of the German soul

      Stefan Moses (1928-2018) was one of the major photographers of the Federal Republic. At the beginning of the 1960s, his photos of members of various vocations - always shot outdoors before a grey sheet of cloth - made him one of the most famous portrait photographers in Germany. He explored everyday life in his homeland as if it were an “exotic country” - which is also the title of a new exhibition at Berlin's German Historical Museum (Deutsches Historisches Museum).

    • Real games

      Real games

      Borjana Ventzislavova demonstrates the ability to capture the immersive nature of games by revisiting the somewhat forgotten leisure activities of the recent past in her latest project. The Real Games exhibition was inspired by the artist's desire to revive her generation's experience and memory of playing outdoors, with sometimes simple or even home-made toys.

    • Lydia Indjova: Cinema's doors are open for everyone

      Lydia Indjova: Cinema's doors are open for everyone

      When I came to Belgium five years ago, not speaking a word of French and having no contacts in the film industry, I did not see how I could possibly continue to work as an actress. I thought my career was over, but I kept pushing. I appeared in student projects for free, went to workshops and volunteered in various film festivals. And slowly but surely, opportunities started to come my way, says actress Lydia Indjova in an interview to Europost.

    • Queen of Verdi conquers Sofia Opera

      Queen of Verdi conquers Sofia Opera

      I have sung at almost all of the big opera theatres around the world. Now I come to Sofia Opera to pay my tribute to the memory of Bulgaria's greatest voices - Gena Dimitrova and Nicolai Ghiaurov, with whom I not only worked together, made friends, but whom I feel as my parents. Every theatre is a temple and now I bow to the glory of the Bulgarian singers, said opera diva Maria Guleghina upon arrival in Sofia where she was to sing in Parsifal by Richard Wagner staged by maestro Plamen Kartaloff and performed on 30 January and 1 February.

    • Photographer shows Sofia without make-up

      Photographer shows Sofia without make-up

      Nostalgia, sadness and missed memories - these are the associations evoked by cameraman Ivo Jovanovic's exhibition #sofia. The black-and-white photos of architectural elements and old buildings can be viewed at the Serdica Art Gallery until 19 February.

    • Oscars fever is on

      Oscars fever is on

      The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has grown its ranks considerably in recent years, and this season's collection of new members was the largest in AMPAS history. The result, revealed yesterday, was an unpredictable set of Oscar nominations, as foreign films, streaming movies and critically derided hits all scored big. The history-making lineup for the highest honours in the movie industry was also packed with people of colour and different nationalities, including nominees from Mexico, Greece, Egypt and Poland, as well as films featuring the stories of women and gay and black people.