• Benoit Jacquot: I am devoted to books

      Benoit Jacquot: I am devoted to books

      If I have to sum up my life in a synopsis for a film, I would start from a child who is an awful, even disastrous pupil. He later becomes a young man who quits school and prefers going to cinema theatres and watching films instead. But as he has read a lot, he is open to different challenges, facing life in a free and open manner and consequently getting into all kinds of trouble - in love, politics, social conflicts, film director Benoit Jacquot says in an interview to Europost.

    • Ara Malikian: Violin is my whole life

      Ara Malikian: Violin is my whole life

      I imagine people call me “the crazy violinist” because the image of a normal violinist is this very serious, rigid and arrogant person, and I am not like that. I am just the way I am. Also, when I play, I like to be inspired and it shows in my stage presence. I love the nickname and I think it is nice to be crazy, although I do not think I actually am. If people want to think I am a crazy violinist, I am happy to act like it, says violinist Ara Malikian in an interview to Europost.


    • Algorithm art fetches $432,500 at auction

      Algorithm art fetches $432,500 at auction

      A painting created by artificial intelligence (AI) smashed new boundaries, selling for $432,000 at the Christie's Prints and Multiples art auction in New York on Thursday. The art piece, called "Portrait of Edmond Belamy," is the first work of art created entirely by AI to go up for sale at a major art auction and the $432,000 haul was quite the shocker, since it was expected to fetch only between $7,000 and $10,000.

    • Montreal doctors prescribe art museum visits

      Montreal doctors prescribe art museum visits

      Laughter may be the best medicine, but culture works wonders for your mental and physical health as well. That’s the thinking driving a new initiative in Montreal, Canada, where doctors will be able suggest unusual course of treatment, prescribing free art museum visits to patients with a range of ailments, from depression to diabetes to chronic illnesses.

    • Structures of thought

      Structures of thought

      Works by leading contemporary Austrian artists, including photography, video, paintings and sculptures, are part of the Structures of Thought, an exhibition hosted by Sofia's Structura Gallery. The Austrian Embassy in Sofia co-organises the event with the Gallery.

    • Journalist mastering crochet

      Journalist mastering crochet

      Her practice with a microphone was not in vain - the journalist is very skilful with crochet hooks as well. Vesselina Bozhilova, a career TV journalist, is getting into a new craft - she crochets dolls. During the last year, she devoted her leisure time to crocheting toys. This hobby helps her relax after a busy day full of all kinds of events.

    • Bulgarian artists transform Berlin

      Bulgarian artists transform Berlin

      The Bulgarian artists from 3D mapping MP-Studio made it to the winners' stand at this year's Festival of Lights in Berlin. They have won gold in a special category - Let's Create Better Future. The contest was held on the emblematic 368-metre-tall Berlin TV tower. The Bulgarian show qualified for the finals getting ahead of 18 other productions presented by seven countries, and after the vote of the audience the winner production was The Flow, the show created by the Bulgarian artists.