• Artistic 180-degree twist

      Artistic 180-degree twist

      The 5th edition of the festival 180° - Laboratory for Innovative Art will be open in Sofia 21-27 July. Bulgaria's capital will welcome musicians, dancers and visual artists from four continents who will show their experimental concerts, dance performances, installations, etc.

    • Milcho Leviev: Art should not parade, it should speak

      Milcho Leviev: Art should not parade, it should speak

      There was this film about the song Black Eyes You Have, Girl and the fact that it is impossible to trace and pinpoint its origin. The conclusion was that it came somewhere from the East and it morphed into myriads of versions depending on the people who picked it up. One day, a shepherd in a border region hears it and just starts playing it. Today, thanks to internet and the abundance of information, people realise that music is not supposed to divide but bring them together, says the legendary jazzman in an interview for Europost.

    • Ballet stars shining in Varna

      Ballet stars shining in Varna

      World-acknowledged dance stars and laureates of the preceding editions of the event will form the jury panel at the 28th International Ballet Completion in Varna. It will be held 15-30 July giving a chance to ballet aficionados to sense the charisma of several generations of ballet dancers of the world. The International Ballet Competition Foundation invited for the jury world renowned ballet stars, directors of prominent troupes, eminent choreographers from France, China, Russia, Japan, Cuba and Bulgaria.

    • Oldest verses of Homer's Odyssey discovered

      Oldest verses of Homer's Odyssey discovered

      Archaeologists in Greece have discovered what they believe to be the oldest known extract of Homer's epic poem The Odyssey. A clay tablet found near the ruined Temple of Zeus in the ancient city of Olympia dates back to Roman times, probably before the 3rd century AD. The exact date of the tablet still needs to be confirmed.

    • Under the red umbrella

      Under the red umbrella

      The young artist Daniela Stoykova “tells” about her life in Italy with the exhibition My Way at The Art of Love bakery in Sofia, which opened on 14 July. Brimming with emotion, a true feast for contemporary art lovers and connoisseurs of the abstract style, the collection is once again marked by the recurring symbol of the red umbrella, a linking device characteristic of Daniela's paintings.

    • Female acappella ensemble

      Female acappella ensemble "Whim 'n Rhythm" sings in Sofia

      The female a cappella ensemble "Whim 'n Rhythm" will perform for the first time in Sofia at the City Mark Art Center Gallery on 10 July at 19.30! Their concert in the capital of Bulgaria is the culmination of the first visit of the group in our country - from 7 to 11 of July, at the invitation of Yale Club of Bulgaria.

    • Netflix turns Sigmund Freud into crime-solver

      Netflix turns Sigmund Freud into crime-solver

      A fictional thriller series with psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud as a detective’s assistant has been picked up by Netflix. Made in Austria and set in Vienna, the eight-episode show Freud is set in 1886, just as Freud’s theories are beginning to be met with opposition from colleagues and the Austrian society.

    • Czech avant-gardists illustrate atrocities of communism

      Czech avant-gardists illustrate atrocities of communism

      The sculptural installation Reconstruction as Tragedy and Farce by Peter Sadofsky and Dan Trantina of the Czech art group Pode Bal can be seen in the park of the Museum of Socialist Art in Sofia until 30 September. The project is realised by the Czech Centre in cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Sofia and the National Art Gallery.

    • Cherchez la femme

      Cherchez la femme

      An intriguing exhibition dedicated to Gala, the renowned surrealist painter Salvador Dali's wife, muse, model and manager, was opened in Barcelona, Spain. The close to 200 artworks on display include not only oil paintings and drawings by Dali but also pieces by Max Ernst and photos by Man Ray and Cecil Beaton, as well as some of Gala's remarkable outfits.

    • New life for old machines

      New life for old machines

      Abandoned industrial buildings have inspired young artist Dimitar Genchev for his exhibition titled Good Machines in Credo Bonum gallery in Sofia. Genchev observes how light touches different surfaces - glazed ceramics, tender human skin, or rust-coloured machines and mouldy walls.