The Balkans

    • Greek PM wins confidence vote

      Greek PM wins confidence vote

      Greece's left-wing Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras narrowly survived the confidence vote on Wednesday night days after his governing coalition collapsed due to the resignation of his coalition partner and Defence Minister Panos Kammenos. Tsipras won the ballot with the support of 151 lawmakers in the 300 seat parliament, backed by his own Syriza party, independent lawmakers and dissenting deputies from his former ally party - Independent Greeks.

    • Macedonia starts critical debate over name change

      Macedonia starts critical debate over name change

      Macedonian lawmakers are poised to gather from Wednesday, 9 January, to hold a crucial debate about changing their country's name to settle a decades-long dispute with Greece and open the way to NATO and EU membership. But the switch to "the Republic of North Macedonia" is expected to be an uphill task involving 4 constitutional amendments and the support of two thirds of the 120-member parliament.

    • Kosovo lawmakers approve army

      Kosovo lawmakers approve army

      Kosovo's parliament on Friday approved three draft laws on the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) expanding its competences and creating a legal base for its transformation into a regular army with 5,000 troop, plus 3,000 reservists. The three draft laws concern one directly on the Kosovo Security Force, KSF, another on a Ministry of Defence and a third on service in the KSF.

    • NATO greenlights MAP for Bosnia

      NATO greenlights MAP for Bosnia

      NATO foreign ministers gave Bosnia-Herzegovina the green light to take a major step forward on its path toward joining the world's biggest military alliance, albeit the Bosnian Serb objections to membership. Meeting in Brussels on December 5, the ministers invited Bosnia to submit its first annual national program of political, economic, and defense reforms aimed at bringing aspiring countries into line with the Atlantic alliance's standards.

    • FYROM moves closer to name change

      FYROM moves closer to name change

      Macedonia moved closer on Sunday to rename the country and remove a key hurdle on the road to breaking a decades-long stalemate with Greece, after 67 MPs in the 120-member parliament vote for a second reading of four amendments to the country's constitution. 

    • Kosovo hits Serbia, Bosnia with 100% import tax

      Kosovo hits Serbia, Bosnia with 100% import tax

      Kosovo has imposed a 100 percent tax on products from Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina in a move the government said is aimed at defending the country’s “vital interest" following Belgrade's "aggressive campaign” against the young republic on the international stage. The retaliation also requires authorities to remove or prevent from entering any goods that did not address Kosovo by its constitutional name, Republic of Kosovo, which Serbia and Bosnia do not recognise. 

    • MPs in Skopje propped up name change

      MPs in Skopje propped up name change

      On Friday evening the national parliament in Skopje  propped up amendments in the country’s constitution that allows the state to change its name to Northern Macedonia. The move was backed by 80 out of 120 members of the parliament at a sitting that was delayed with more than ten hours. The backing became possible after several MPs from the opposition party VMRO-DPMNE voted in favour.