• Milcho Leviev: Art should not parade, it should speak

      Milcho Leviev: Art should not parade, it should speak

      There was this film about the song Black Eyes You Have, Girl and the fact that it is impossible to trace and pinpoint its origin. The conclusion was that it came somewhere from the East and it morphed into myriads of versions depending on the people who picked it up. One day, a shepherd in a border region hears it and just starts playing it. Today, thanks to internet and the abundance of information, people realise that music is not supposed to divide but bring them together, says the legendary jazzman in an interview for Europost.

    • Female acappella ensemble

      Female acappella ensemble "Whim 'n Rhythm" sings in Sofia

      The female a cappella ensemble "Whim 'n Rhythm" will perform for the first time in Sofia at the City Mark Art Center Gallery on 10 July at 19.30! Their concert in the capital of Bulgaria is the culmination of the first visit of the group in our country - from 7 to 11 of July, at the invitation of Yale Club of Bulgaria.