• The eye-popping gems of CES2019

      The eye-popping gems of CES2019

      The largest technology conference in the world - Consumer Electronics Show CES 2019, kicked off the year with a mouthwatering look at all the juicy cutting edge tech we can expect to follow. Covering over 2.9m square feet, the show presented to over 190, 000 attendees many evolutionary gadgets and technologies with the potential to change the lives of billions of people. With the nearly 1,200 new startups debuting products at the show, CES also became the largest incubator in the world.

    • PlayStation 4 sales hit 91.6m units globally

      PlayStation 4 sales hit 91.6m units globally

      As of 31 December 2018, PlayStation 4, has officially sold more than 91.6m units globally. The 2018 holiday season alone saw over 5.6m PlayStation 4 units being purchased, pushing the system to its new sales milestone, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced. 

    • SpaceX launches first GPS3 satellite

      SpaceX launches first GPS3 satellite

      A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket roared to life and streaked away from Cape Canaveral early Sunday carrying the first in a powerful new generation of GPS navigation satellites into orbit. It was the company's 21st launch this year and its first Pentagon-sanctioned national security mission, marking a significant achievement for Elon Musk's privately-held company, which has been trying to break into the military space launch market for years.

    • Boosting is now illegal in South Korea

      Boosting is now illegal in South Korea

      South Korea has officially declared that it is a criminal offence to offer boosting services in video games. According to the new law that will go into effect in around six months from now, boosting is described as an “act that interferes with a game’s normal operations by providing the service to acquire points or achievements in a way that is not approved by the game business operator”. In layman’s terms, the practice involves playing on a low-skilled player's account to artificially boost their ranking - often for a fee.

    • China to visit the far side of the Moon

      China to visit the far side of the Moon

      Early Saturday morning in China, a rocket will launch, carrying a lander and a rover bound for the Moon. This will mark the beginning of China’s ambitious lunar mission known as Chang’e-4, which will attempt to land spacecraft on the Moon’s far side - the region that always faces away from Earth - for the first time ever. Since no other nation has ever attempted such a feat, this means the mission, named after Chinese's goddess of the Moon, could catapult China into spaceflight history.  

    • Quora discloses major breach, 100m users affected

      Quora discloses major breach, 100m users affected

      About 100m users of Quora were affected by unauthorised access to one of its systems by a "malicious third party," the knowledge-sharing website said on Monday. It also disclosed that account information, including names, email addresses and encrypted passwords may have all been compromised. If a user imported data from another social network, like their contacts or demographic information, that could have been affected, too.

    • Qualcomm pledges $100m to AI startups

      Qualcomm pledges $100m to AI startups

      US chip giant Qualcomm announced today its plans to launch a venture fund that will invest up to an aggregate of $100m in early-stage startups that work in AI. In particular, the so-called Qualcomm Ventures AI Fund, will target companies that are developing ways to do intensive processing on devices such as smartphones and security cameras, as opposed to those working in remote cloud systems. 

    • NASA's Insight touched down on Mars

      NASA's Insight touched down on Mars

      After traveling hundreds of millions of kilometers through space over the course of six months, and with the help of aerobraking, a parachute system and rocket engines, NASA's InSight landed safely Monday on the Martian surface, surviving the crucial “seven minutes of terror” to enter Mars' atmosphere, decelerate from an initial speed of 19,300 kmh down to just 8 kmh, and touch down. The breathtaking minutes-long landing was so intense that it was watched all around the world and even broadcast live on the Nasdaq Stock Market tower in New York City's Times Square.