European Commission

    • Huge imbalances prevail across EU

      Huge imbalances prevail across EU

      The EU should work harder in order to improve convergence among Member States as at the time economy slows at least half of the countries are experiencing serious economic imbalances, the EU press service reported. In a regular Winter Semester check-up of EU governments' economic policies, the Commission renewed its warning that gaps not being addressed in several states are harmful to the whole Union.

    • New EU rules on covered bonds agreed

      New EU rules on covered bonds agreed

      The Commission announced on Tuesday the welcoming of the political agreement reached by the European Parliament and Member States on new rules to promote the EU covered bonds market. An important element of the Capital Markets Union (CMU), the new rules will provide a source of long-term financing for banks in support to the real economy.

    • EU invests €10bn in clean technologies

      EU invests €10bn in clean technologies

      The European Commission presented today its investment programme worth over €10bn, which is aimed at boosting low-carbon technologies' global competitiveness. EU innovative climate action, as announced today, has a range of benefits for the health and prosperity of Europeans with an immediate, tangible impact on people's lives – from the creation of local green jobs and growth, to energy-efficient homes with a reduced energy bill, cleaner air, more efficient public transport systems in cities, and secure supplies of energy and other resources.

    • Commission rebukes Hungary's new media campaign

      Commission rebukes Hungary's new media campaign

      The Commission on Tuesday rebuked a media campaign by the Hungarian government aimed at EC President Jean-Claude Juncker and businessman George Soros, accusing Brussels of pushing migration plans threatening Hungary, news wires reported. The campaign was announced on Monday in a Facebook post by PM Viktor Orban. It showed smiling images of Soros and Juncker with the text “You also have the right to know what Brussels prepares for!”.

    • Commission intensifies “no-deal” customs preparedness

      Commission intensifies “no-deal” customs preparedness

      The European Commission has on Monday stepped up its “no-deal” outreach to EU businesses in the area of customs and indirect taxation such as VAT, given the risk that the United Kingdom may leave the EU on 30 March this year without a deal. The outreach campaign is in line with the European Council (Article 50) conclusions of December 2018, calling for intensified preparedness work for all scenarios.

    • Eurogroup meeting starts today

      Eurogroup meeting starts today

      Vice-President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis, Commissioner Guenther Oettinger and Commissioner Pierre Moscovici will represent the Commission at today's Eurogroup meeting. The Eurogroup will ouline the main findings of the Commission's post-programme surveillance missions to Ireland and Portugal and will discuss the economic outlook for the euro area on the basis of the Commission's Winter 2019 Economic Forecast.

    • EU to cooperate with 25 African countries

      EU to cooperate with 25 African countries

      EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, signed on 9 February in Addis Ababa additional support to regional programmes for 25 countries in Africa. The additional cooperation funding will support economic integration and job creation, as well as strengthen the nexus between development and security since recent developments in the region have generated a need for stronger support in these areas to overcome the growing challenges.