• Eurojust launches Counter-Terrorism Register

      Eurojust launches Counter-Terrorism Register

      A Counter-Terrorism Register (CTR) has been launched to reinforce the judicial response in Member States to terrorist threats and to improve security for citizens, Eurojust reported. The CTR, which entered into force on 1 September, centralises key judicial information to establish links in proceedings against suspects of terrorist offences.

    • Italy prospects to be more EU open

      Italy prospects to be more EU open

      The surprised coalition deal between the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) and the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), two bitter rivals in the past on the Italian political scene, gave last week a birth of a government, headed by the outgoing PM Giuseppe Conte. On Wednesday he handed President Sergio Mattarella the list of his 21 ministers, who were sworn in a day later.

    • ECON MEPs back Lagarde for ECB chief

      ECON MEPs back Lagarde for ECB chief

      For combining firm commitment to the mandate “with the agility to adapt as the world around us changes,” vowed Christine Lagarde - whose mandate as Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund expires this month - during her hearing on 4 September before the EP ECON Committee. The aim of the hearing was to assess her fitness for the European Central Bank (ECB) top position.

    • EC: No-deal Brexit still possible outcome

      EC: No-deal Brexit still possible outcome

      With eight weeks to go until the UK's withdrawal from the EU on 31 October and in light of the continued uncertainty and lack of agreement, the Commission reiterated last Wednesday its call to all stakeholders to prepare for a no-deal scenario. The EC stressed in its 6th Brexit preparedness communication that with the overall political situation in the UK a no-deal scenario on 1 November remains a possible, although undesirable, outcome.

    • New European citizens' initiatives registered

      New European citizens' initiatives registered

      The European Commission on Wednesday decided to register three new European citizens' initiatives. The organisers of the first of them 'Stop corruption in Europe at its root, by cutting off funds to countries with inefficient judiciary after deadline', call on the Commission to 'mandate a firm 10 year post accession deadline for an automatic moratorium on payments of structural and cohesion funds to a newly acceded country, until the monitoring mechanism is lifted from their judiciary'. They state that 'the current EU legal code allows undue interpretation'.

    • OLAF reports trend in frauds promoting farm products

      OLAF reports trend in frauds promoting farm products

      Recovery of €371m to the EU budget announced OLAF, the EU's anti-fraud agency, as an outcome of its investigative performance in the last year. In its 2018 Report, launched on 3 September, the office that investigates breaches against the EU budget, corruption and serious misconduct within the European institutions notifies for 167 investigations concluded, issuing 256 recommendations to the relevant national and EU authorities. In the same year, 219 new investigations were opened, tracking 1,259 preliminary analyses delivered by OLAF experts.

    • Iran gives Europe two more months to save nuclear deal

      Iran gives Europe two more months to save nuclear deal

      Iran's President Hassan Rouhani gave European powers another two months to save a 2015 nuclear deal on 4 September, but warned that Tehran was still preparing for further significant breaches of the pact that would have “extraordinary effects”. His statement came as Iranian officials gave mixed signals in response to a French proposal to save the agreement by offering Iran about $15bn in credit lines until year-end if Tehran comes fully back into compliance. A senior Iranian official said it would comply if it got that amount in credit lines or oil sales, while state-run Press TV said Iran had rejected a proposal for an EU loan of that amount.