• Lydia Indjova: Cinema's doors are open for everyone

      Lydia Indjova: Cinema's doors are open for everyone

      When I came to Belgium five years ago, not speaking a word of French and having no contacts in the film industry, I did not see how I could possibly continue to work as an actress. I thought my career was over, but I kept pushing. I appeared in student projects for free, went to workshops and volunteered in various film festivals. And slowly but surely, opportunities started to come my way, says actress Lydia Indjova in an interview to Europost.

    • Oscars fever is on

      Oscars fever is on

      The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has grown its ranks considerably in recent years, and this season's collection of new members was the largest in AMPAS history. The result, revealed yesterday, was an unpredictable set of Oscar nominations, as foreign films, streaming movies and critically derided hits all scored big. The history-making lineup for the highest honours in the movie industry was also packed with people of colour and different nationalities, including nominees from Mexico, Greece, Egypt and Poland, as well as films featuring the stories of women and gay and black people.

    • Benoit Jacquot: I am devoted to books

      Benoit Jacquot: I am devoted to books

      If I have to sum up my life in a synopsis for a film, I would start from a child who is an awful, even disastrous pupil. He later becomes a young man who quits school and prefers going to cinema theatres and watching films instead. But as he has read a lot, he is open to different challenges, facing life in a free and open manner and consequently getting into all kinds of trouble - in love, politics, social conflicts, film director Benoit Jacquot says in an interview to Europost.

    • Willem Dafoe plays Van Gogh in biopic

      Willem Dafoe plays Van Gogh in biopic

      Less than a year after earning an Oscar nomination for The Florida Project, Willem Dafoe's latest starring role is as none other than legendary Dutch master Vincent van Gogh. In the new biopic At Eternity’s Gate, named after Van Gogh's painting that depicts an elderly man with his head in his hands, Dafoe explores the later years of painter's life, wherein the artist lived out his final days in and around an asylum, as he struggled through mental illness and self-doubt.

    • Glamour and glory illuminate Venice

      Glamour and glory illuminate Venice

      The prestigious Venice film festival kicked off on 29 August with some 21 features to be locking horns for the prized Golden Lion. It will be awarded on 8 September at the Palazzo del Cinema on the Venice Lido, the iconic setting for Luchino Visconti's masterpiece “Death in Venice”. The festival jury is chaired by Guillermo Del Toro, last year's winner with “The Shape of Water”.

    • John Lennon and Yoko Ono's movie returning to theaters

      John Lennon and Yoko Ono's movie returning to theaters

      A new version of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s 1972 documentary film Imagine is coming to theaters worldwide on September 17, almost 38 years after the Beatles co-founder’s death. Once criticised as the vainglorious “most expensive home movie of all time,” has been now restored frame-by frame from the original reels and updated with a Dolby Atmos soundtrack mix from three-time Grammy-winner Paul Hicks. An additional 15 minutes footage was also included.