• Only one above Prokopiev is… Kostov

      Only one above Prokopiev is… Kostov

      There can hardly be anything more pathetic in this world than being an oligarch on strings. Supposedly a millionaire, you do not have control over your own money. Supposedly a master of a bunch of “smart and beautiful” servants, you are someone’s servant yourself and you stand at attention and do what you are told whenever that “important phone number” calls. Even basic everyday stuff like what to eat and where to live are not your own choice. If the boss says “your meals will consist of rocket and other pretentious vegan items” or “go catch a flight to Singapore”, his word is gospel.

    • Chess and mate with a glass of juice

      Chess and mate with a glass of juice

      It is obvious that the Fake News Factory takes great interest in every move Delyan Peevski makes. One such example is the innocuous photo of Peevski grabbing a non-alcoholic drink from a cooler while meeting with voters in the village of Pashovi, near Velingrad. Even though there was nothing unusual to that image, certain heavy-weight observers “overanalysed” even that small detail. Chess and mate with a glass of juice! You are not really trying to tell us that Ivo Prokopiev and Tsvetan Vassilev never drink non-alcoholic beverages, are you?

    • Radan’s wet dreams

      Radan’s wet dreams

      The gods must be crazy! Bushman Radan Kanev and his tribal leader Ivan Kostov rose in arms against the idea of introducing the US model for parties’ funding in Europe. Purportedly concerned, the newly elected MEP Radan Kanev showed up at the bTV studio just to cover the idea with spittle.

    • Greece turns down CEZ buyer for capital deficit

      Greece turns down CEZ buyer for capital deficit

      The new buyer of CEZ, Eurohold, has a dossier even more scandalous than Inercom of Ginka Varbakov, the previous candidate that vied for the power distribution company which supplies electricity to one-third of Bulgaria. The reference in registers shows that Greece turned down the subsidiary of Eurohold as investor for lack of capitals. In the other neighbouring country, Romania, another firm of the Eurohold structure was fined for collusive agreement on the insurance market. It also proved to have huge capital deficit and had to undergo financial sanation.

    • CorpBank affair, 5 years later

      CorpBank affair, 5 years later

      Five years after the most massive heist in the Bulgaria’s modern history – the collapse of the CorpBank pyramid – fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev is still keeping at his disposal about BGN 5 to 6bn. He squanders the money of the defrauded depositors on lavish life in Belgrade and generous fees paid to lawyers, judges of the oligarchy and, of course, the media and expensive journalists who run his talking points and try to present him as a “victim” of robbery, while they themselves are the real victim.

    • Dreams, memories, values form identity

      Dreams, memories, values form identity

      To mark World Refugee Day (20 June), the UNHCR is presenting an interactive photo exhibition entitled Identity. It showcases the faces and stories of refugees in Bulgaria, focusing on their personalities, dreams, memories and values - in short, all that makes them who they are. The photo exhibition was opened on 20 June at the Rakursi Art Gallery in Sofia and will welcome visitors until 4 July.

    • Guilty a priori

      Guilty a priori

      Do you remember an old nursery rhyme about a balloon blown with compressed air? Well, we all know how it ends. And these days we saw it vividly, when one prosecutor in one dark room by the wave of his pen erased the trademark of the most popular newspaper in Bulgaria – Telegraph.

    • Feast of sun and flowers

      Feast of sun and flowers

      The summer solstice is a time for celebration in all cultures. In Bulgaria the holiday handed down from early pagan times is called Enyovden and is marked on the eve of 24 June. On that day the Bulgarian Orthodox Church reveres St John the Baptist, and so the holiday has intertwined pagan rites and Christian beliefs.

    • Stoyana defends Kostov with fake news about Peevski

      Stoyana defends Kostov with fake news about Peevski

      Stoyana Georgieva, the one-time spokesperson for former PM Ivan Kostov who must be hoarse from shouting out all those lies from the rooftops, seems to have suffered a heatstroke. And understandably so – the temperatures out there are in the 30s, people get muddled by the scorching heat. Stoyana must have stood too long in the sun because she has gotten completely tangled up in her own fables in her bid to defend her guru Kostov with the latest fake news about lawmaker Delyan Peevski.

    • Exit exam for low-scorers

      Exit exam for low-scorers

      The warrior of fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, Georgi Georgiev shows signs of manic. On the evening of 19 June, Ruse site Dunavmost released a very strange text full of spelling and grammar mistakes, wrong capitalising and hilarious mood.