• Searching for ways to support tourism

      Searching for ways to support tourism

      The prime ministers of Bulgaria and Russia, Boyko Borissov and Dmitry Medvedev, opened a tourism business forum on the second and last day of Medvedev's official visit to Bulgaria. Opening the forum, Borissov said that “amid sanctions and high tensions in the multipolar world, my colleague Dmitry Medvedev and I have managed to maintain pragmatic working relations”. He added that as a nation, the Bulgarians should not split into Russophiles and Russophobes but should keep in mind their Bulgarian interests.

    • Bulgaria celebrates its National Holiday

      Bulgaria celebrates its National Holiday

      Bulgaria celebrates today, 3 March, its National Holiday – the 141st anniversary of its liberation from five centuries Ottoman Rule. After the end of the 1877-1878 Russo-Turkish liberation war, in 1878 on 3 March was signed the San Stefano Peace Treaty.

    • Factory squeezes fake news against Peevski for 3 days (SUMMARY)

      Factory squeezes fake news against Peevski for 3 days (SUMMARY)

      An absolute clinic on how to squeeze everything out of a fake news item was put on by the media outlets of the slandering machine of the oligarchic publishers in Bulgaria. Against every journalistic logic (when it comes to these publications, journalism is not their real trade), but completely on brand with the propaganda they are so good at, the cogs of the Fake News Factory started the week by dusting off an old lie. It is about non-existent ties between Bulgartabac and lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. By the looks of it, they plan to finish the week the same way – regurgitating an old and absolutely false concoction of a story.

    • Treasures from Earth's bowels

      Treasures from Earth's bowels

      For the 12th year in a row, the National Archaeological Institute with Museum (NAIM) is organising the temporary exhibition Bulgarian Archaeology. The show traditionally presents the results of explorations conducted over the past season of archaeological fieldwork, putting on display some of the most interesting finds, along with extensive illustrations.