Building strong social Europe
Photo: EPA Executive VP Valdis Dombrovskis presents the plan.

Building strong social Europe

Minimum EU wage idea met with stark opposition

The Commission presented last Wednesday a communication on building a strong social Europe for just transitions, the EU press service reported. It sets out how social policy will help deliver on the challenges and opportunities of today, proposing action at EU level for the months to come, and seeking feedback on further action at all levels in the field of employment and social rights. The Commission also launched the first phase consultation on the issue of fair minimum wages in the EU, which has already caused an uproar.


  • Stars of Music Moves Europe revealed

    Stars of Music Moves Europe revealed

    Last night, during a vibrant award ceremony at the Stadsschouwburg of Groningen, the Netherlands were revealed the winners of the 2020 Music Moves Europe Talent Awards, the EU prize for popular and contemporary music.

  • This Peevski is not that Peevski

    This Peevski is not that Peevski

    “Peevski granted permission to build in Mladost,” pronounces a headline in the website Frognews owned by Ognyan Stefanov (aka Agent Academician). And some too-busy-to-read-further resident of the aforementioned neighbourhood in the capital Sofia undoubtedly got up in arms about the fact that Peevski would be building something in the area. This Peevski, however, is not that Peevski.

  • Swiss to vote again on limiting EU migration

    Swiss to vote again on limiting EU migration

    The Swiss will on 17 May vote on a proposal that could dramatically limit immigration from the EU, six years after a similar referendum nearly destroyed relations with the bloc. Announced last Wednesday by country's government, the so-called “limitation initiative” calls for the country to revise its constitution to ensure it can autonomously handle its immigration policy.

  • Guarded by Saint Luke

    Guarded by Saint Luke

    The Granitsa monastery of St Luke is located at the foothills of the Osogovo Mountain near the village of Granitsa, eight kilometres from the town of Kyustendil, in a locality known as Pustia Manastir. The only monastery in Bulgaria named after St Luke, it is situated in immediate proximity to the Granitsa medieval fortress which guarded the road between Velbazhd and Sip at the times of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

  • Reviving the dream for Europe

    Reviving the dream for Europe

    The debate for Europe's future will not be easy, and maybe one conference, even if it lasts for two years, will not be enough. This showed the result of the three-hour debate at the EP plenary in Strasbourg on Wednesday, which was attended by Dubravka Suica, Commission Vice-President for Democracy and Demography, and Nikolina Brnjac, representing the Croatian Presidency of the Council.