Austrian director Adrian Holender puts on the operetta in Sofia in collaboration with Bulgarian stars
The only living heir of composer Emmerich Kalman, his daughter Yvonne Kalman, is set to visit Bulgaria at the end of the season for a new production of the operetta of all operettas - The Csardas Princess, staged at the Music Theatre in Sofia. She could not attend the premiere shows on 24 and 25 February but Blagovesta Rankova, a long-time personal secretary to the composer's wife, Vera Kalman, was watching from the box. The 80-year-old Yvonne, who lives in Munich and owns a hotel chain in Mexico, sent a congratulatory letter to the cast of the Bulgarian production of her famed father's most recognisable work.
The Bulgarian public is the most generous - it always applauds performers from the moment they step on stage
Irina Gigova
Some days ago, she was caught off guard by her daughter's question: “Mother, do you consider yourself a happy person?” In such moments Marta Petkova, the premier danseuse of the Sofia Opera and Ballet, is made aware of how blessed she is. She is dancing in all sorts of places across the world - her latest projects include appearances as guest principal dancer in Dallas, Naples, etc.
The narrow-gauge railway connecting Septemvri and Dobrinishte turns into a tourist attraction
Diana Varnikova
A crew of the German television channel SWR, including Hagen von Ortloff, the legendary host of Eisenbahn-Romantik, visited Bulgaria recently to make a documentary about the Septe­m­vri-Dobrinishte narrow-gauge railway and the old trains in the country.
Unearthed wonders
Adelina Lozanova
The Bulgarian Archaeology 2017 traditional exhibition, whose goal is to introduce the general public to the most significant and impressive finds of the past year, was officially opened on 16 February at the National Archaeological Institute and will welcome visitors until 1 April.
Webber's 70th anniversary celebrated with rock opera
Europe celebrates the 70th anniversary of Andrew Lloyd Webber with the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar.
French avant-gardist decorates facades in Sofia
Julien de Casabianca is a film director and street artist from Corsica who visited Sofia at the invitation of the French Cultural Institute to decorate several emblematic buildings in Bulgaria's capital with his famous monumental collages - Bulgaria Hall, the Sofia Philharmonic, the Sofia City Art Gallery, etc.
Museum of spy life opens doors in New York
Undergoing lie detector test, sneaking through a “forest” of laser beams, deciphering secret messages - all this offers to visitors the interactive museum Spyscape that opened in New York.
Vezhdi Rashidov returns with new exhibition
Former Minister of Culture Vezhdi Rashidov, who is currently a member of parliament, is making a comeback as an artist and sculptor with an exhibition at the San Stefano Gallery in Sofia, which will welcome visitors until 22 March.