Renowned artists’ works from the collection of the National Gallery in Jakarta are being presented in Sofia for the first time
Paintings, sculptures, textiles and artefacts from the world’s largest archipelago, are on display at the National Art Gallery in Sofia. The 2017 Wonders of Indonesia Festival will introduce the visitors and residents of Bulgaria’s capital to the cultural and historical heritage of the tropical-climate country. From 6 October to 12 November the gallery is presenting paintings and sculptures by Indonesian authors on loan from the National Gallery of Indonesia.
But it is like the horizon - no matter the distance you travel, it always stays out of reach
Diyana Tusheva, BGNES News Agency
If one lives long enough, however good that life is, one turns 70 and that fate has befallen me. Certain things follow from this fact. First, the past starts to stretch longer and the future ominously shrinks.
Some 13 paintings created using various printmaking methods have been selected for the museum's collection in Moscow
Prints by Stoimen Stoilov have been added to the collection of the famous State Tretyakov Gallery. Established in 1856, today the museum is among the world’s leading visual arts spaces, with a collection of over 180,000 works.
Most beautiful edifice in Sofia
Adelina Lozanova
Downtown Sofia features a building that many consider to be the most beautiful in the capital, if not the entire country. It is the “Ivan Vazov” National Theatre, which was modelled after the best European architectural traditions of the early 20th century and first opened its doors to visitors some 110 years ago, in the now distant 1907.
Sofia Opera visits Bolshoi Theatre
The Sofia Opera and Ballet will have a major series of shows at the Bolshoi Theatre from 12 to 24 May, 2018.
Walter Isaacson finishes his da Vinci book
Walter Isaacson’s new book about Leonardo da Vinci is slated to be released on 17 October, Associated Press reported.
Wall of wishes in Varna
A blackboard wall in downtown Varna displays the following stencilled line: Before I get old I would like…, reported BGNES.
Photographers' meetings in Plovdiv
From 4 until 26 October, Plovdiv is hosting the International Photographers’ Meetings, which features two programmes – Photo Exchange and Photo Model, BGNES reported.
Bulgarian singer with most powerful voice
Bulgarian folk music singer Smilyana Zaharieva is the owner of the world’s most powerful voice, hitting 131dbl during a performance of the legendary Izlel e Delyo Haidutin (Delyo the Hajduk Has Gone Outside).