Some 21 paintings supposedly by Amedeo Modigliani have been seized; three people are under investigation
Authorities in Genoa have seized 21 artworks supposedly authored by Amedeo Modi­gliani, after suspicions were raised that they were fakes. Earlier this week, the foundation sponsoring the exhibition at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa decided to close the show three days earlier than planned to cooperate with the investigation. “They did the right thing. This was absolutely shameful,” said Carlo Pepi, the 79-year-old Tuscan art critic and collector who alerted authorities about the suspected fraud. “A Michelangelo is a Michelangelo. A Picasso is a Picasso. But when a painting is a fake, it is missing its soul, and these were missing that three dimensional elegance of Modigliani - even a child could see these were crude fakes,” he told the Telegraph.
It is a fact that we rarely admit, but sometimes one is committed to the road of self-destruction instead of salvation
Yana Yordanova
This book is a natural product of my fascination with identity problems, the way people structure their lives and invest it with meaning. There is homo faber (the working man), homo ludens (the playing man) and then there is homo bibens (the drinking man)... These three categories, work, play and drinking, have given different things to people.
Feature films and documentaries represent a colourful depiction of life in this South American country
Brazilian Cinema Week is being held from 22 to 28 July in Varna, with all screenings subtitled in Bulgarian and taking place in Hall Europe of the Festival and Congress Centre, free of admission charge. Xingu directed by Cao Hamburger will open the forum on 22 July.
Bulgaria's seaside capital
Adelina Lozanova
Varna, Bulgaria's third largest city, is often referred to as the country's 'seaside capital' and is famous worldwide for its splendid sand beaches and hot geothermal waters.
Two Hollywood icons to be awarded Golden Lion
Robert Redford and Jane Fonda will be awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at this year's Venice Film Festival, organisers of the event said last Monday.
David Garrett brings 300-year-old violin
A showman with supermodel looks and disarming musical talent, David Garrett is set to give his first Bulgarian concert next year. On 4 February in Sofia, the magical sound of his 300-year-old Stradivarius will be accompanied by pianist Julien Quentin.
Queen biopic starts filming in September
Queen have confirmed that their biopic is due to start filming in September, Contactmusic reported.
Radical take on kitsch
A different view on embroidered wall rugs offers artist Lyuben Farzulev at the exhibition centre on 6 Shipka Street. Here is how he describes the show that will remain open to visitors until the end of the month.
Another success for young Bulgarian piano prodigy
Nikolay Dimitrov, a young pianist attending the Rousse National School of Arts, has notched up another major achievement for Bulgaria’s piano tradition.