22 September, 2017
EU Insights
EIB opens first office in Sofia
Bulgarian businesses are expected to be significantly facilitated in the presentation of European projects

Former US governor produces fake news
For $5m, Bill Richardson circulates the fabrication that Delyan Peevski is the owner of CorpBank, while the Bulgarian Madoff, Tsvetan Vassilev – only an employee

15 municipalities receive BGN 43m in EU funding

Record trade volume between Bulgaria and Czech Republic
The fake news factory attacks SJC
Attorney-at-law Nathan Hochman, the International law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP:
Tzvetan Vassilev is using the Magnitsky Act as both a shield and a sword
It would be a dangerous precedent the US government to interfere in a legitimate prosecution held by an EU Member State and of NATO

Karel Lannoo, CEO of the Centre for European Policy Studies:
If EU is lame duck, it will not help anybody
It is not the way we have to work, if some Member States have to absorb all the refugees, while others resist participating in the scheme

Pieter Cleppe, head of Open Europe Brussels office:
Brexit would be pretty damaging without deal
It would hit both sides and maybe the UK would be hit worse, but also nobody in Germany would see this as an excuse for German job losses

Demographics of illiteracy
Irresponsible birth-rate combined with growth of uneducated population threatens human civilisation

Wanted: New approaches to migration for Europe
The high-level Paris meeting on managing people flows from Africa still falls far short of resolving the issue

The Planet
Trump calls for UN reform
Fifty nations ink nuclear ban treaty hailed by them as historic but opposed by big powers

Iraqi Kurdistan's referendum waited with fear and hope
An independence vote is seen as a threat for split in most of the neighbouring states

Battle to liberate Raqqa enters final offensive

Baghdad to deport wives and children of IS extremists
In the shadow of the Orient
Images of the Other and the Balkans in the art of Bulgarian, Greek, Romanian and Serbian painters

Actor and producer Stefan A. Shterev:
I do only what I believe in
People do not study history and do not learn from the mistakes it chronicles

Inspired by nature
A financier and an engineer make jewellery out of real flowers

Cloister, camp, vacation centre
Animated film awards announced
Artists examine what it is to be a good neighbour
ABBA is going on world tour as holograms
Lika Yanko - 50 years later
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