8 September, 2017
EU Insights
Borisov and Tsipras present Juncker with Balkan plan
The two prime ministers will travel for a meeting in Brussels in October

Economy with annual growth of 3.6%
Consumption and exports of goods and services drive the increase

Qatar interested in Bulgarian experts and farm products

BGN 2.4bn in tourism revenues
Sofia, Ankara discuss energy supplies
Pieter Cleppe, head of Open Europe Brussels office:
Brexit would be pretty damaging without a deal
It would hit both sides and maybe the UK would be hit worse, but nobody in Germany would see this as an excuse for German job losses

Dobrin Ivanov, executive director of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association:
Bridging the pay gap in Europe is hard for now
The migration of young and well-educated people from 'new' Member States to 'old' is also a form of social dumping and needs regulation

Prof. Lazar Koprinarov, political scientist and philosopher:
The European project still has unifying power
Brexit has shown one thing - integration should not be taken for granted, and efforts to that end must be made every single day and on all levels

North Korea 'H-bomb' test changes little
When the safety of millions is at stake, talking with an opponent is no sign of weakness

Rise and fall of populism
European liberals and progressives can now take a breath, but certainly cannot fully afford to relax

The Planet
Russia to hold major war games
Kremlin denies it is readying invasion plans, tries to calm down Western fears

US pushes for economic pressure on North Korea
EU will support an UN Security Council resolution for oil embargo, adds its own sanctions

Kosovo to get government ending political deadlock

Shameful war violations in Yemen, UN chief blames
Hear the lyrics, feel the rhythm
Ole Festival presents new Spanish and Latin American music

Writer Theodora Dimova:
Every single human being is important to God
We have been gifted with an immense capacity for compassion, faith and hope

Lyrical messages
Some 51 female artists show works in various genres in Varna

In the dawn of Early Christianity
Unseen Theatre launches new season
Louvre branch opens doors in Abu Dhabi
Emmanuel Carrere wins Guadalajara award
Aznavour to sing in Sofia
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