12 May, 2017
EU Insights
Privatisation of state shares ceased
Sales of real estate owned by state-controlled companies become subject to approval by the National Assembly

Banker Tsvetan Vassilev's wife wanted by Interpol
Antoaneta Vassileva is charged with money laundering linked to the purchase of a palatial €20m estate at Lake Geneva; a European-wide warrant for her arrest has been issued

Fake news factory slanders Bulgaria abroad

Economic growth set to exceed expectations
€202m investment approved
Borisov and Putin discuss Balkan Gas Hub project
The fugitive banker gives key points through English-language websites
Hans van Baalen, President of the ALDE Party, MEP:
Macron is victory for open, liberal-oriented France
Populism is successfully being countered by different kinds of liberal forces

Emil Radev, MEP (EPP/GERB):
Illegal migrants return must be expedited
More European and bilateral readmission agreements need to be signed

Journalist Rumyana Ugarchinska:
Macron has attracted 'caviar left' supporters
What scares voters most is Le Pen’s idea to have France leave the EU

Can Macron's luck hold?
Next month's elections to the National Assembly will give a clearer guide

Manipulations without borders
Media in Gabon freer than Bulgarian? Come on!

Missing scenario for Europe's future

The Planet
Pink Floyd and their mortal remains
An exhibition chronicles the history of the legendary rock band

Visual artist Frank Uwe Laysiepen-Ulay:
I will work until my last breath
Too much money is spent on politics instead of science when the latter is our only hope

Footwear as art
The State Hermitage Museum shows retrospective of contemporary fashion designer Manolo Blahnik

Nobleman residence
Met Opera applauds Sonya Yoncheva
Venice celebrates art in all its forms
Brexit inspires Banksy
Dancing Europe in Sofia
Steve Jobs brought to life in opera
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