17 March, 2017
EU Insights
Exports to EU up by BGN 2bn in one year
Turkey, Egypt, China and Serbia are Bulgaria’s main trade partners outside the bloc

Vassilev files to stall property forfeiture case
The lawsuit has been treading water for more than a year because of over 20 requests by the defendants and the banker's family and firms

CIA called to banker's defence

Crisis PR in action
37 projects approved under Balkan-Mediterranean
BNB issues BGN 100m in government securities
BRHA gas pipeline construction launched
Prof. Dr Eckart Stratenschulte, Director of the European Academy Berlin
Europe of different speeds already exists
Every EU member state has to come to its decision where to position itself

Josef Janning, head of ECFR Berlin office and Senior Policy Fellow:
EU societies strength is ability to change
The integration could not be built against the will and interests of the people

Laszlo Csizmadia, chairman of the Civil Unity Forum in Hungary:
Soros stirs up conflict to fish in troubled waters
We always have to be on the alert when the issue is reforms proposed by the billionaire, because his ultimate goal is to profit from it

Turkey between 'yes' and 'no'
Claiming to protect democracy, Erdogan plans of becomming an absolute ruler

Four horsemen of Apocalypse
Two-speed Europe? Then why did we ever undertake this giant unification project?

Hungary stands against global elites wishes

The Planet
Brussels welcomes Millenium Festival
On its placard, there are 80 best documentaries from across the planet

Opera diva Sonya Yoncheva:
Music is a door to another dimension
It is the most magnificent manipulator of the human brain

Swing back in vogue
Grandmother's shoes are the perfect attire for the dance floor

Monastery of healers
On the road with Kiarostami's photos
Austrian music weeks kick off in Sofia
Luxury tycoon Arnault to revamp Paris museum
Phones recognise artworks
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